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Released: 2005
Director: Paul Thomas
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 106 mins.

The original Devil in Miss Jones is hailed as the film which changed everything. Paul Thomas has been brave enough to bring this all time classic up to date. The film has an all-star cast with Savanna Samson playing Miss Jones, Roxanne Hall as Mrs Plum and, in an unusual twist, the devil is played by Jenna Jameson.

Lonely Miss Jones celebrates her birthday, but for her there are no cards to open or presents to unwrap. She sets off on her way to her mundane job at a chromium and glass office. On the way she sees visions of girls fulfilling her fantasies. At work she becomes mixed up and confused as the dreams become harder and stronger. This time they involve her. What can stop this mental torment? Summoned to see the boss, Miss Devlin, she is offered anything she wants.

Naked in an underground workshop, Roxanne Hall and Angelica Sin drag a bound and chained guy for her, she leaves in disgust. The black dressed girls tease his cock as he hangs from a hook, then strip. Roxanne climbs onto a table so Angelica can finger fuck her. Moving, Roxanne takes a glass dildo and thrusts it deep into Angelica's arse. She moans as she rubs at herself. A second glass toy is stuffed in her pussy. Roxanne laps at the toys. The guy watches powerless as a rubber cock is rammed in Roxanne's wet pussy. She fingers her arse until she cums.

Attempting to leave, Miss Jones is drawn back by the tempting Miss Devlin. It's then she realises this isn't work but hell ... her reason for being here - suicide. If she is going down she wants to go with a bang. Relieving all her sexual frustrations Miss Jones takes part in a PVC-clad fetish orgy. The party over, Miss Jones finds herself in a small room with Ted, a life-long admirer who killed himself at the news of her death. She is desperate to be fucked, but after turning him down in life he is no longer interested after death.

This isn't your normal film. Beautifully set and shot, fine acting performances from all, especially Savanna, hard hot sex and very thought-provoking. Paul Thomas has done an excellent job. It's also nice to see he acknowledges the original film with a cameo role for Georgina Spelvin the original Miss Jones. Better than the original? Definitely yes and to help you compare, Vivid include a second DVD containing the original film, making this great value for money. If you haven't seen The New Devil in Miss Jones you are missing a treat.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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