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Released: 2004
Notes: Naughty America / Cinema Play
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Running time: 128 mins.

Nowadays Naughty America films are sleek productions, with five or six vignettes loosely based around the title of the film. In 2004, when Naughty Office dates from, they were rather more crudely put together affairs with slow wooden build ups and long sections of blankness between scenes. A desk and chair make up the Office set for the girls who appear, including Nadia Sin, Kelli Tyler and Jackie Moore. Lisa Lee appears in a girl/girl scene with Pason.

Sharing a desk, Lisa and Pason chat about boob jobs. Peeling down her top, Pason is keen to show off her new tits. Lisa too has had her boobs done, but some time ago. She eases them out of her bra to show them off. Pulling a strap-on out of her handbag, Pason tells of the lessons in lesbian love she is going to run through and is eager to try her ideas out. Dropping her skirt and knickers, Lisa is willing to give it a try. She buckles up the plastic phallus and guides it towards Pason's pussy. Trickling lube over her bum, Pason wants to try anal. Lisa gently rocks the false cock deep up her arse. Back to the bag and a vibrator comes out, this time for Lisa. Climbing onto the desk, she lets Pason lick at her pussy and tease her clit. Nice and wet, she pops in the buzzing toy. Her calves and thighs tighten as the vibe slides in and out. Panting, Lisa climaxes. Pason's first lesson is a success.

Lisa's scene, like the others in the film, is slow to get started, but once under way it's nicely shot and performed. The film is however, let down by its overall presentation and lacks the quality of later Naughty America movies. Naughty Office is watchable once.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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