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Released: 2002
Director: Don Marque
Notes: Dane
Alternate Titles
  • Nineteen 47
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 83 mins.

When you come across a DVD for under $5 (that's only about £3.50 in real money) you don't really expect much; Nineteen 47 is therefore a pleasant surprise. The film may be short at only 83 minutes but it does contain four very well made vignettes. The British girl Jessie J stars alongside four other girls - Monica Sweetheart, Innocent Licks, Paris and Andrea.

The heavies have dragged a guy round to the hard man Mr Marcus because he owes the mob money. Unable to pay he calls his daughter Jessie to pay off the debts. When she arrives her purse is almost empty; so she offers herself as payment. Mr Marcus doesn't take much time to think about the offer as Jessie already has his thick black cock in her mouth. Jessie has her tits squeezed as she flicks back her blonde hair and laps at his balls. Removing her skirt she stands with one leg raised on a piano stool as her pussy is stretched with Mr Marcus's dick. She bends forward to be taken doggy. Rolling onto her back, Jessie's body jolts as the big prick pounds her pussy. With a bang and crash, arms and legs hit the piano keyboard. Mr Marcus shoots his spunk over her tits, Jessie licks off every last drop of cream, the debt is paid in full.

The first couple of minutes in each vignette is used to set the scene and this is followed by 10 to 15 minutes of nicely shot action with good performances from all. Perhaps the best scene stars Monica Sweetheart who, whilst lying on her bed reading about the Romans, drifts back and forth from her fantasy world as a gladiator's hand maiden. A little gem and an excellent 80 minutes' viewing at an amazing price.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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