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Released: 2006
Director: Yani Z
Notes: Anabolic
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Running time: 178 mins.

Anabolic have a reputation for producing high quality 'Gonzo' style films and Nice Rack 13 is the latest in the series to prove this. The film features six beauties including Sophie Dee and the Americans Sara Stone and Roxxxy Rush, all with natural large boobs.

Tottering across the kitchen in her purple neon heels, Sophie Dee starts the film off. She stops to look in the oven, her buns are rising and are almost ready. Untying her white cotton top, Sophie eases her boobs out of her pink bra and allows it to fall to the floor. Fastening her blouse she pours water over her tits. The wet material clings making her nipples stand out. She squeezes her tits together. Sitting the wrong way round on a clear perspex chair, Sophie presses her boobs against the back making them squash out. Then the camera pans below the seat to reveal her playing with her pussy. A guy walks in. Sophie fills her mouth with his dick then gives him a tit fuck before leading him over to the sofa. The guy holds Sophie's long blonde hair as she kneels and gags on his cock. He picks her up and hangs her around his neck to lap at her pussy. Upside down, Sophie sucks on his prick. Back on the ground she rides him reverse, her hand rubbing vigorously on her clit as he paws at her tits. The pair head to the bedroom, Sophie stopping to tit wank the bannister. Face down on the blue bedspread, her fanny and arse are fingered. The guy pops his manhood in her bum and the two roll into spoons for a good shagging. As she is propped up on her shoulders and with her arse gaping, the guy tries to pile drive her down into the basement. Sophie sits up to fill her mouth with cum ... gulp and it's gone.

With six long scenes there's plenty for everyone in this film, from the hot smooth-shaved Sophie to new girl Carley Keleb with a luxuriant mass of pubes who does her first DP. I may be a bit biased because Sophie is British, but she can certainly teach the other girls in the film how to be sizzlingly sexy. Her scene is the best in the film ... top marks.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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