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Released: 2006
Director: Bob Bennett & Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • Golden Shower Girls DVD available American Xcess
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

There was a time when pissing and squirting were taboo and confined to the fetish end of the market. Now the trend is to include it the repertoire of even 'main stream' films. Freddie Morse and Bob Bennett took the lead in this movement with their previous two films in this genre. The latest in the series takes things to a new level. Eleven girls at the top of the business, including Natalie Heck, Renee Richards and Lolly Badcock, produce some hot girl-on-girl action in five very damp scenes.

Walking through the woods, Frankie and Sahara are both desperate for a pee. Stopping, a large wet patch appears in the front of Frankie's jeans and trickles down over her shoes. Sahara does the same. Her high heels sink into the wet ground as she pees. Arriving at a fitness centre, the girls peel down their damp clothes and they kiss and caress, making Frankie's nipples stand erect. The two stroke and suck at each other's snatches before dressing to head for the patio. It's too far to go back indoors, so Sahara sits on the table and pees. Frankie crouches in her pearl g-string knickers and empties herself. More finger fucking from the two and one last pee each before they climb into the pool.

Waking up, Lorna jumps out of bed and pops into the bathroom. Pulling her red panties to one side, she pees. The sound makes Renee feel as if she wants to go and without removing her panties, she sprays the toilet. Cleaned, the two go back to the bed for some fun and games, biting each other's boobs and munching on minges. Their tongues lap at each other's clits as they 69. Picking up a double ended dildo, Lorna eases one end into Renee as she holds the other in her mouth. Pussies covered in lube, the two make their way towards each other along the toy. The action makes them want to go again. Lorna stands with one leg over the bath, Renee balances on the sink. Going down on all fours, Renee takes the dong in her pussy. The duo lie side by side wanking themselves to orgasm. All the hard work has made them hungry. They head for the kitchen to make toast and end up pissing all over the floor.

Sitting in her fuchsia top and denim shorts, Lolly umpires a tennis match between Natalie Heck and Roxanne Coxx. Dying for a piss, Lolly opens her legs and wets her shorts. The game comes to a halt as the girls help Lolly out of her wet things. Her top removed, she masturbates and orders the match to restart. Natalie cannot concentrate with the sight of Lolly wanking and loses control. Pee floods the court. Roxanna moves to the net and relieves herself. The three lie on the grass and start to lick pussy. The two girls watch as Lolly turns herself into a human fountain, stopping only when the grounds man rushes out. The girls move behind a 4 wheel drive car. Natalie and Roxanna stand against the side as Lolly kneels to lick their snatches. The three sit on the tailgate and wee again. Then it's fingers and tongues in pussies and arses. There's one final pee from the three before Lolly and Roxanne stick their fingers into Natalie's bum.

Natalia lies soaking in the bath when Majella comes in to use the toilet. Seeing her pee makes Natalia want to go. She pisses in the bath. Dried off, the two dive onto the bed. Majella works her tongue over Natalia's clit as she fingers her pussy. Her hand goes into her mouth. Rolling over, Majella strokes Natalia's blonde hair as she chews at her cunt lips. A red vibrator is pulled from under the pillow and worked between Majella's legs. It's Natalia's turn to try the toy. Her body gyrates as Majella pushes it into her pussy. She stiffens as her clit is rubbed. The girls head for the kitchen. Perched on a high stool, Majella pees herself. Natalia crouches and leaves a large puddle on the floor. Climbing onto the black work bench, the two grab anything which is to hand. A banana is slipped into Natalia's wet fanny. Majella moves in to eat it. Back in the bedroom the two get dressed ready to go out for the night. The excitement is too much and big wet patches appear in their pants.

In a black bra, micro skirt and stockings, Charly totters over to Sarah Lou's chalet so the two can go for a swim. On the way to the outside pool, Charly pulls her panties tight into her snatch and pees on the path. Normally, people wait till they are in the pool to wee but Sarah Lou sits on the handrail and lets it trickle through her red bikini. Lying back, her legs either side of a lounger, Charly tweaks her tits while Sarah Lou laps at her pussy and fingers her clit. With a selection of new toys to play with, Charly spreads a towel over the table and gets Sarah Lou to lie back. A big blue vibe in her fanny gets the juices flowing. In the shower block, the girls kiss and grope. Sarah Lou lets loose over the drain. Charly stands, the shower playing over her body and down her stocking legs. Bending her legs, she pees.

Bob and Freddie have produced a film with great lesbian action with some of the best girls around. Whilst the title may suggest the movie is aimed at a niche market, there is enough to satisfy the general viewer and make it worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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