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Released: 2007
Director: Bob Bennett & Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive
Notes and Reviews

Five scenes of hard girl-on-girl action, featuring top Brit girls. All the girls here are usually happy to take cock. Here they restrict themselves to finger and dildo action in five pairings, with regular breaks to pee outside, in the bathroom and over the floor. This is the usual quality production you would expect from the MSS team with a reasonable run time of 1 hour 45 minutes. Although, the DVD has no extras.

As they look out from their conservatory at the poor weather, Angel and Angelique simply piss in the pot plants. Angel lifts her pale blue slip to reveal a naked pussy, while Angelique, naked from the waist up, pisses through her tights. On a sofa, the girls get completely naked and pleasure each other with fingers and tongues, before moving on to a vibrator. There's more pissing in the bathroom, before Angelique fucks Angel with a blue strap-on. Finally, in the kitchen, the girls pee over the floor and units. Angel stands over a couple of wine glasses and fills them without using her hands!

Down at the gym, Sandie and Tracey undress each other while using some of the equipment. Sandie reveals a stash of brand new sex toys in her locker. Spreading them out on a crash mat, the girls piss over the plastic packaging before Sandie bends over to take a dildo up her cunt and Tracey lies face down to take a length. The girls sit on other bits of gym tackle, which they then piss over.

From two slim blondes we get two buxom brunettes, as Vienna and Kelly film each other on their mobiles pissing in the garden. Kelly stands knickerless while Vienna squats and pulls her panties aside amid much dirty cackling. In the warmer conservatory, the girls strip to their black fishnet stockings and pleasure each other with good-sized dildos and a double-ender on the floor. In between they move to the kitchen where they make many puddles on the floor.

Horses seem guaranteed to get girls going. Consequently, Victoria and Poppy are bursting when they reach the stable, so they piss through their jeans. Back home and in the farmhouse kitchen, Poppy soon has Victoria naked and on her back, apart from black fishnets, with her legs in the air on the kitchen table. Poppy attacks Victoria's pussy with her fingers, fist, then a vibrator. Eventually Victoria slides off and pees on the floor. Then it's Poppy's turn for the same treatment. Standing on the table, Poppy pisses while Victoria stands across the kitchen and pisses into the sink.

For no particular reason Isabel, walking down the stairs, pulls up her black leather skirt and pisses from her naked pussy. Emma climbs the stairs, pulls open her black leather trenchcoat and pisses through the open crotch of her black bodystocking. So we've got fetishism with a side order of fetishism in this scene. In the bedroom, Isabel reveals her pink rubber bra and suspenders. The girls finger fuck and dildo-fuck each other's pussies while slowly undressing, finally sharing a double-ender before both girls piss on the laminate flooring. More double-ender action on the sofa before Isabel slips outside for a pee in the garden. It's too cold for Emma and she pees in the toilet to end the scene.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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