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Released: 2007
Director: Bob Bennett & Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • Golden Shower Girls 2 American Xcess
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 110 mins.

MSS release another four scenes of our top female porn performers. Well filmed and edited by pros Bob Bennett and Jim Slip, each one is a different scenario, from simple pairings to a gang of five paintballing. The girls are good looking, up for plenty of hardcore girl-girl action and pee copiously. Which is what this film is all about.

Michelle and Paige have found Paige's boyfriends lockup, where he mends motorbikes. Before the girls strip in the garage, they drop their jeans outside and pee on the ground. Inside, they strip completely, licking and fingering each other's pussies and ramming extra large vibrators into each other's cunts. In between bouts they both pee on the painted concrete floor.

Tammy, Harmony, Antonia, Alyssa and Patricia are going paintballing. Patricia is late so Antonia waits for her in reception while the other three get changed. Located under vast railway arches, the changing rooms are simple wooden screens. Half naked, the girls manage a decent spray on the floor before getting into their combat uniforms. Once into the combat area, the girls seem more interested in pushing vibrators into their pussies. Soon all three are naked and peeing on the floor, amid much laughter. Finding a convenient bench, the intimate action gets more intense as Patricia and Antonia arrive. While getting changed, the latter two piss their jeans then briefly join the others and strip, before pleasuring each other with vibrators and inevitably pissing over the floor.

Looking decidedly cold, cleaners Yasmin and Elle chat while having a fag in the garden. It turns out they are both fans of pissing in public. So they ease down their jeans and piss on the ground. Back inside their employer's house, they find a stash of dildos under a pillow, which is all the invitation they need to undress and try them out on each other, In between bouts, which includes a bright green double-ender, the girls slip off to the bathroom and piss in the toilet and shower. Finally, the girls move downstairs where Yasmin pees in her cleaner's bucket and Elle unleashes a torrent over the laminate floor.

Carolina and Leah are naked in the bathroom getting ready to go out. While Carolina bathes, Leah pisses in the toilet. Washing over, Carolina stands and pisses in the bathwater. Moving to the bedroom, the girls get intimate, kissing and licking each other before continuing with a small dildo and large double-ender. The pair take a break to piss in the bathroom before returning to the bedroom for more dildo action. Finally, the girls are ready to go. Outside, they pull their panties aside and pee over the paving before setting off for their night out.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

After several changes of name, the MSS produced all girl pissing series has eventually settled on a title of National Models Peeing. In volume 4, Bob Bennett and Jim Slip have found eleven girls who are bursting to go for the camera, including Michelle B and the diminutive blonde bombshell Harmony Hex.

Heading for the garage, where Paige's boyfriend works, she is suddenly in need of a pee. Michelle, who she meets, also needs to go. Checking around that no one's about, the girls drop their jeans by the side of a building and empty themselves. Arriving at the workshops, the place is empty. The two decide to have some fun stripping and playing with each other's boobs. Michelle opens her legs to have her pussy licked. Then, bending over a bike, Paige probes her arse with her tongue. Rummaging through a tool box, Paige finds some toys. She climbs onto a bench so Michelle can use them on her. The cold has affected the pair and they both need to pee again. This time Michelle mounts the work bench to have her pussy penetrated with plastic. Paige jabs away with the toys... A final wee from the girls and the scene ends.

Turning up for a paint ball fight, Alysha waits outside for Patricia to arrive while Antonia, Harmony and Tammy go inside. With the girls changing rooms out of action, the three are directed towards the boys. Slipping out of their every day togs, the three pee on the floor before donning their shapeless overalls. A few rounds with the paint ball guns are exciting, but not as much fun as the vibrator Antonia's brought along. Unbuttoning their overalls, Harmony and Tammy lick at pussy and play with Antonia's toy... It's time for another pee. Jumping onto an old table and coated with lube, Tammy shoves her special weapon between her legs. Harmony and Antonia taste the results. Harmony runs her pussy over Tammy's face, then turns her attention to Antonia. Alysha and Patricia enter in time to see the three girls pissing.

The three go to get changed, leaving Alysha and Patricia behind. Having a pee seems a good idea. A large damp patch appears in the girls' pants. Rather than play with guns, the two girls opt for some muff munching which makes them want to wee again. Alysha pushes a pink vibe into her hole, then shows how far she can squirt. For heavily tattooed Patricia, all she can manage is a few drops. Kneeling, Alysha bangs away at her pussy till her body quivers.

Outside for a smoking break, Yazmin and Elle talk about their boyfriends. Elle's new bloke has a passion for peeing. As they sit on the wall the two pull their panties aside and go. Back at their cleaning job, the girls are doing a bedroom when they find a stash of sex toys under a pillow. Undoing Yazmin's blouse, Elle nibbles at her erect nipples. Then, lying her back on the bed, she makes for her pussy. Picking up a big black vibrator, Elle holds it against Yazmin's clit before easing it into her pussy. The excitement makes the girls want to wee, so they make for the bathroom. Back on the bed, a lime green double-ended dong comes into play. Yazmin stuffs it into Elle, then impales herself on the free end. Locking their legs together, the two girls gently rock. Finished in the room, the girls head downstairs. Yazmin needs another pee and crouches over her mop bucket. Elle just pisses on the floor.

Carolina soaks in the bath, preparing for a night out, when Leah bursts in to use the toilet. The sight of Leah peeing makes Carolina desperate to go. She stands up and opens her legs. Dried off, the two hit the bed and bury their faces in each other's fannies. Deep throating a thick glass rod, Carolina then slips it into Leah's wet pussy. Taking a second toy, the two 69. Back to the bathroom for another pee each, then time for some more toying. Pushed up on her shoulders, a double headed-dildo is brought into play in Leah's studded snatch. It brings her to a shuddering climax. Dressed in their best, the girls head out. Stopping outside the house, the two lift their skirts for one last piss.

There is no doubt that like the others in the series, this film is aimed at the pee fraternity. And the sight of some of Britain's top girls opening their legs and gushing forth is not your norm for a girl-on-girl film. Ten of the eleven girls appeared to enjoy their bouts of minge munching being punctuated by the odd pee. The only exception was Patricia who looked a little lost and uncertain in her scene. If you're looking for a girl/girl film with a twist, National Models Peeing 4 is something different. Although it may not be to everyone's taste.

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