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Released: 2007
Director: Slim Jim
Notes: Nasty Jack
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Running time: 66 mins.

This woefully short film has taken 5 scenes of unknown origin and either deliberately, or unintentionally, hacked them about in the editing suite until they are just a montage of jerking, jolting, images.

The two Brits appear in the second scene which appears to have been shot a couple of years ago, with Isabel in her pre-tattoo state. Michelle sits in a white wedding dress stroking Joel Lawrence's cock, while bridesmaid Isabel, in pink, sits at the other side helping out. The girls bend forward to take turns sucking the shaft. Their tongues work up either side and meet at the top. Stripping out of her dress, Michelle kneels to be taken from behind as Isabel plants her posy of flowers in her fanny. Michelle laps at Isabel's wet pussy, then watches as Joel fucks her missionary. A little more licking from the pair before Joel bangs them both up the bum. Michelle turns to catch Joel's jizz in her mouth and spits it over Isabel's face.

Because of the jumpy nature of the film, the action in all the scenes is almost impossible to watch. At first I thought it was a fault with the DVD... alas, not. In keeping with the sloppy production and poor quality, the titles, both at the start of Isabel's scene and at the end of the film, have missed off the first letter of her name. So she becomes Sabel!!! Definitely a film to avoid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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