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Released: 2008
Director: Sid Knox
Notes: Diabolic
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Running time: 154 mins.

The large American studios are always looking to introduce new (or newish) talent to the screen and most have their own series to do this. For Diabolic, New to the Game is their way of showcasing fresh faces, with the six scenes in New to the Game 3 featuring seven girls, including Brit Lacey Maguire.

Starting the fourth scene, Lacey sits on the arm of a sofa in her black and white striped basque, chatting to the cameraman. Standing, she drops her tight black shorts and joggles her bum cheeks in front of the lens. Settling back on the settee in just her high heels, Lacey's fingers linger over her pussy while she waits for some cock. A guy appears. Dribbling over her tits, Lacey swallows wood. The guy strokes her blonde hair as her head bobs on his shaft. Joining Lacey on the sofa, the two fall onto their sides as he slips his cheb in, spoons. Pushing herself up, Lacey finds herself riding the guy reverse. She cries out as their thighs slap together. Pussy licking is a prelude to being fucked doggy. The pair roll over and the guy cums between Lacey's legs.

With all the scenes shot in an airy spacious mansion, the film is everything you would expect from a company like Diabolic. The crisply shot and well lit scenes are matched by the performances of all involved. You can even forgive American starlet Deena Daniels for her unflattering turquoise towling and shorts as she had the decency to quickly remove them. New to the Game 3 is top quality Gonzo from Sid Knox and Diabolic.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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