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Released: 2008
Notes: Naughty America, compilation
Alternate Titles
  • Naughty America in the UK
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

Naughty America have combined two 'new' scenes, featuring Cathy Barry and Starr, with three from previously released works for their film NA in the UK. For the sake of brevity I will miss out reviewing the repeated scenes starring Caroline De Lys, Daisy Rock, Georgina Smith, Harmony Hex and Isabel Ice.

The film kicks off with Cathy Barry in a tight tied top and denim skirt, waiting for the removal men to deliver her a new red leather sofa. Furniture in place, Cathy takes a shine to strong man Christian Slater. Signing for the goods, there's something else he can do for the busty Bristolian. Riving off his T-shirt, she traps his bald head between her boobs. Pulling his jeans to half-mast, Cathy sucks and wanks at Christian's cock. Falling back onto the sofa, it's time to christen it. Knickers eased to one side, Christian stretches Cathy's pussy and tongues it. Moving between her legs, he thrusts deep into her pussy. Rolling on her side, Cathy steadies her joggling boobs as she's fucked spoons. Sliding to the floor, she wraps her tits around Christian's cock and wanks. Mounting Christian's shaft, Cathy swivels from cowgirl to reverse. She drops to her knees to catch his cum on her face and boobs.

Starr is organising a party and has invited two Americans around to help with ideas. Getting the guys a cup of tea, she settles down between them on the settee, failing to notice her boobs have fallen out of her black dress. Excited, the boys suck away at Starr's tits. Their hands stroke her spotty knickers and finger her fanny. Starr is feeling horny. With her wet pussy full of tongue, she swallows cock. Opening her legs, Starr urges the guys to fuck her. They hammer into her moist hole as she devours their dicks. With the boys sitting side-by-side, Starr takes turns to ride them. On her hands and knees, Starr is filled at both ends. The first guy cums in Starr's mouth, but it doesn't stop her banging away doggy. With the second boy about to explode, Starr sits up to get her face showered in spunk.

Normally, I'm not an advocate of compilation movies as they seem to lose something when taken out of the original films. NA in the UK is the exception. The three lifted scenes were the best in the films that they were taken from. Add in two more with Cathy and Starr and you have a very decent movie with seven great British girls.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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