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Released: 2008
Notes: Videorama
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Running time: 90 mins.

In her tightly corseted red dress, Daisy Rock stands under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin looking every inch the dominatrix. As she answers her mobile, the camera pans down the seams in Daisy's black stockings and lingers over her shiny black high heels. She runs a foot against her leg as she talks, then sets off across the city to meet her slave. The guy waits in the flat dressed in a black net top. He falls to his knees and laps at Daisy's shoes as she peels off her coat.

Kicking off a shoe, Daisy crams her foot deep into the guy's mouth and presses the damp nylon clad toes into his crotch. His balls flop out of his flies. Pulling down his pants, Daisy flicks the guy's leather cock pouch with her crop and squeezes his balls. Bending down, her tongue dances over the tip of his prick. She holds the damp head against her stockings. Slipping her boobs out of her top, Daisy teases the guy. He tries to lap at her black knickers, but they are just out of reach.

Face down on the bed, Daisy thrashes the guy's bum with a bunch of roses. Petals are scattered around the room. Wrapping the bloke's prick and balls in a stocking, Daisy sucks. Forced onto the floor, Daisy stuffs a pair of nylons into the guy's mouth and uses her strap-on on his arse. Crouching over him, she pees. At last she allows her foot slave to fuck her. Daisy's body trembles as he pounds into her pussy. A little tit wank and the guy cums into Daisy's mouth. Smiling, she lets it drip onto her slave.

With only two 45 minute scenes, this German language film is clearly aimed at the stocking and foot fetish brigade. Though I don't put myself in that class, I was drawn to Daisy as she dominates her slave. It is sometimes nice to see the girls on top in a film. With her classy looks, sexy supple legs and general deportment, Daisy suits the role she portrays here. Nylon is worth a watch if you can find it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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