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Released: 2008
Director: B. Skow
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 233 mins.

Almost a year after Nikki Jayne's much acclaimed debut film for Harmony, she returns to the screen for a four hour epic from Vivid. Split across two DVDs, Nikki performs in three of the five scenes and provides the intros for her co-stars Veronique Vega, Meggan Mallone and Allyssa Hall.

Introducing herself, Nikki sits in a bright yellow boob tube on a rather dusty looking bed in the middle of an empty industrial unit. As she talks in her Lancashire accent, she peels down her lemon coloured panties and fingers herself. Mick Blue appears beside the bed, his cock hanging out of his jeans. Grabbing hold of it, Nikki's hand runs up and down as she pulls it towards her mouth. Opening her legs, Mick slips in two fingers. Nikki urges him to work faster and harder. Slipping off the bed, she kneels on the concrete floor and swallows his length. Moving back to the bed, Nikki lowers herself onto Mick's shaft then spins round to taste herself from his cock. Mick laps at her pussy which is inches from his face. Some more shagging, missionary and spoons, follows. Turning onto all fours, Nikki wants Mick's dick in her arse. Wriggling and writhing, the two tumble around on the bed as Nikki's bum gets banged. Open-mouthed, Nikki catches Mick's cum.

Nikki tells the cameraman how much she is looking forward to seeing the petite Veronique Vega in action, before her scene.

Waiting for Meggan Mallone to prepare for a girl-on-girl scene, Nikki teases herself with a shiny, silver vibrator. The toy buzzes away as it brushes against her pierced clit. Nikki is ready for action.

In a rather small bath, Nikki and Meggan press their soapy bodies together and caress one another. The water splashes when fingers reach fannies. Perched on the edge of the bath, Nikki buries Meggan's face in her pussy. The water slowly drains out of the bath. Jerry arrives. His cock draws the girls' attention. Nikki fills her mouth whilst Meggan sucks at his balls. The two tongue their way up and down his cheb. The three dry off and move to the lounge. Getting Jerry to lie on the sofa, Nikki eases herself onto his cock and rides cowgirl. Meggan laps at the bonking pair. The girls swap about with each taking a turn on Jerry's dick. With Nikki and Meggan 69ing, Jerry wanders around the pair poking his prick into pussy. The girls climb on top of each other. Jerry yo-yos back and forth. Moaning, he's ready to fire. The two sit up and get their faces covered.

With almost the same preamble as for Veronique, Nikki introduces a scene featuring Allyssa Hall.

The final scene in the film takes place in a semi-derelict house where Nikki finds herself on an old, stained mattress. As before, the director asks her some questions and Nikki reiterates a resumé of her career. By the time she's finished, Mick Blue and Ben English are standing beside her, their dicks inches away from Nikki's face. Clasping their cocks, Nikki's head bobs from side-to-side as her tongue flicks out over the tips. She pulls the two together and crams them into her mouth. Sliding off the bed, Nikki deep throats the pair, her lips inching towards their balls as she swallows shaft. Prizing Nikki's pussy open, Ben thrusts in his prick as she gags on Mick's dick. The boys lie back to let Nikki ride them. Naughty Nikki wants more and with Ben in her pussy she gets Mick to fuck her arse. With sweat dripping from the three, Nikki chews at the man meat then gets the guys to DP her again. Jerking away, the two empty their jizz into Nikki's mouth. She makes sure she catches every last drop.

Film over, Nikki does her last piece to camera but is still on the hunt for cock. Wanting to leave a good impression, she tongues and sucks at the director then wanks him till he cums over her hand.

There is no doubt that Nikki is star material. At ease in front of the camera, she commands every scene she's in. It's therefore a bit of a pity that Vivid decided to shoot such a talent in such grotty surroundings and under decidedly mediocre directorship. Still, Nikki shows what she is capable of and turned what could have been an average film into something worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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