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Released: 2009
Director: Will Ryder
Notes: LFP/Hustler
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Running time: 138 mins.

Will Ryder has directed a number of spoofs of classic US sitcoms of the 60's and 70's, adding his own 'adult' twist to the plots. Here he's turned his attention to Three's a Crowd which was huge in the States (though I must admit I can't remember seeing it this side if the Atlantic). Set in LA, three young friends (Brynn Tyler, Penny Flame and Van Damage) share a flat and are constantly struggling to pay their landlords (Deno Bravo and Nina Hartley). In a series of half heard conversations and misunderstandings, we meet the three's nympho next door neighbour Sienna West, Brynn's sexy mad younger sister Maddison Scott and Jenny Hendrix - a hooker who turns up at the apartment. Porn legend Ron Jeremy also makes a cameo appearance.

Half way through the movie, Penny Flame arrives back at the apartment with her friend Roxy. There's no one home so the two settle down on the settee. Roxy peels down Penny's stripey blue dress, followed by her white knickers, and starts to lick. The pair are up for some girl-on girl-action. Removing her own shorts, Roxy kneels on the sofa. Penny's tongue pokes and probes her pussy and arse. The girls lap and suck at each other. Roxy finds an ivory vibe which she moistens with her mouth before pushing it deep between Penny's legs. Pulling on her strap-on, Penny lets Roxy deep throat the plastic prick before taking her doggy. Climbing on top of the false phallus, Roxy rides her way to orgasm. The couple collapse on the couch.

With a 70's style set and dress, corny script and canned laughter, the film is a great send up of the American sitcom genre. The acting and delivery is excellent throughout in this top class production. As an added bonus, the DVD comes with over an hour of behind-the-scenes footage, split into five sections, giving a great insight as to how the film was made and the views of the stars. As a parody, Not Three's Company is up with the best.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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