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Released: 2009 (for DVD)
Director: Gary 'Tas' B
Notes: Nectas Movies / Union Films
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Running time: 99 mins.

As Aimee and Estella have been out of films for a couple of years, it's fair to assume that their scenes in this 2009 release have been sitting on a shelf for some time. Honey, Dana and Jessica only have a handful of scenes between them, so it's difficult to date their work.

Lounging on a sofa amongst the cabling and other paraphernalia of a shoot, well proportioned Jessica awaits the return of her partner. He has some bad news; the pressure of travelling means he's moving out of the area. Unbuttoning his shirt, Jessica plonks herself on his lap and tries to make him change his mind as she smothers his face with her ample boobs. The camera wobbles back as Jessica pulls out the guy's rod and starts to wank him. Her nipples brush his legs as she sucks. Pulling up her denim skirt, Jessica flops back to be fucked. In a series of jerky edits, she moves from missionary, through cowgirl, to doggy. With her skirt still around her waist, the guy squirts his load over her face.

Doug arrives at his workshop to find new apprentice Estelle waiting for him. She's not exactly what he expected for his digger repair company, but Estelle is determined to show what she can do. Unbuckling her broad red belt, Estelle lets her jeans drop to the floor and peels off her T-Shirt. She stands before Doug in her polka dot lingerie. Climbing onto a digger, Doug takes out his dick to be sucked. Clambering up beside him, she sits on his face. Bending forward, Estelle is fucked doggy by the digger. Her boobs bouncing out of her bra, she lowers herself onto Doug's shaft. The two move to a length of old foam where Estelle mounts Doug's cock, before lying back to be shagged missionary. Ready to cum, Doug fires his load over Estelle's face.

Letting her fur trimmed coat fall to the floor, Honey dances round a cramped room in a sequin and bead covered bikini. Climbing onto the guy's lap, she slowly gyrates as she wrestles with his jeans to get at his cock. Pulling his dick over the waistband of his saggy pants, Honey fills her mouth with his length. Stripped, Honey sits on the sofa with her legs spread. Her shaven snatch is fingered. The camera moves to show her shoes rather than the action. In almost silence and with little emotion, Honey takes the guy's shaft in her pussy. His socks still on, the guy drops to the sofa and pulls Honey onto his prick. She drops on to all fours to be fucked doggy. Grabbing his cock, the guy cums over Honey's hand.

Workman Doug has run out of money to renovate Aimee's house. Entering a shabbily furnished and tatty looking bedroom, he finds her lying on an old blue blanket. Aimee wonders if Doug will take other forms of payment as she lifts her boobs from her petticoat. He leans forward and starts to lick. Aimee undoes Doug's pants as he fondles her breasts. Slipping out his dick, she starts to suck. Turning over onto her back, Aimee loses her knickers and lets Doug lap between her legs. The two twist round to 69. Holding onto her blue blanket, Aimee is fucked missionary. She pushes herself up to sit on the shaft. A session of doggy moves on to scissors, eventually ending in Doug coating Aimee's tits with his cream.

Maid Dana bends over in front of her employee and wobbles her arse in his face. The guy stands up and rubs himself against her bum. Reaching round, he undoes Dana's uniform and lets her boobs fall free. Panties pulled aside, the guy laps at her pussy and arse. Spreading her lips, he teases her clit. Trousers off, Dana sucks at the guy's balls and runs her tongue over his length. He tweaks at her tits as she swallows. Legs akimbo, Dana is licked as a prelude to being fucked missionary. Down on her hands and knees, Dana is pumped doggy style. She feels a finger in her bum. A little riding follows and Dana eases her boss into her arse. He rewards her with a face full of spunk.

With wobbly and out of focus camera work, the clutter of filming evident and shabby looking sets, Naughty Nymphos Next Door doesn't have a lot going for it. Both Aimee and Estelle have made much better films and the newer girls go through the motions rather than putting in a performance. If you're tempted by Naughty Nymphos Next Door, think long and hard before you buy.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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