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Released: 2010
Director: B. Skow
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 218 mins.

Down on her luck and out of work, a knickerless Nikki caresses her pussy as she talks to a friend on the phone. She's spotted a job as a house sitter and is about to pop round to apply.

Arriving at Kristina Rose's place, no one answers the door. Nikki peers through the window to see her new employer down on all fours being banged by her boyfriend. Session over, Nikki is let in. Kristina is impressed and lets her new employee start straight away.

All alone, Nikki looks for something to do. Opening her bag she pulls out a mains powered vibrator and plugs it in. Stretched out on the sofa, Nikki holds the buzzing toy against her clit as she fondles her boobs. The waves from the powerful toy run through her body and set the sofa shaking. Overcome with pleasure, Nikki doesn't notice a valuable vase is wobbling its way to the edge of a table. Too late! It falls to the floor. It's going to cost $8,000 to repair, but fortunately Nikki has an idea.

Phoning round, Nikki hires out the house for a porn shoot. The crew arrive minus the star. For a few extra dollars Nikki is willing to stand in. She shows Mick Blue what she can do as she slowly strips. Ready for a take, Mick massages her body as she kneels to fill her mouth with his dick. Flicking back her long blonde hair, Nikki feeds his length down her throat. Spit trickles over his balls. With Mick pushed back on the sofa, Nikki gyrates over his face and flops forward to 69. Moving down his body, she plants her pussy on his prick. Twisting, she gets taken missionary. With her eyes rolling, Nikki eases Mick into her arse for a session of reverse riding. The two fall onto their sides and continue spoons. Dropping to the floor, Nikki pulls open her bum. Mick jabs his cock into her gaping hole, then shoots his load into her mouth.

That was easy money. Nikki decides to find out who else will use the house. Bobbi Starr barges past Nikki and into the bathroom. Before Nikki can say a word, she is stripped and in the shower. Dried and dressed in her sexy black lingerie, she informs Nikki that she has arranged a special liaison with a friend. She can watch from the cupboard if she keeps quiet.

Emerging from the darkness, Nikki tells Bobbi how sexy the pair looked. Explaining her predicament with the vase, it turns out Bobbi can put her in touch with a guy who is loaded with money but has a slight kink. Nikki agrees to meet him. Clad in chaps and suspenders, Nikki finds herself bent over a black leather sofa being spanked by a Stetson wearing Evan Stone. She moans as he pulls open her pussy and prods her arse with his fingers. Evan's tongue darts over her glowing bum cheeks. Rolling Nikki over, Evan jumps onto the sofa to fuck her throat. His balls bash against her chin as he bangs. Nikki finds herself being turned upside down with Evan pile driving into her pussy. She slowly slides down to be pumped, missionary. With Evan on his back, Nikki sets about mounting his shaft for a long session riding across his range. Down on her stomach, Nikki is entered from behind. She sits up to catch Evan's spunk on her tongue.

Soaping herself in the shower after her session with Evan, Nikki is interrupted by a ring at the door. James Deen is willing to pay $100 an hour to use the house for a photo shoot. Now Nikki has to keep him there as long as possible. She calls up Andy San Dimas and asks her to pop round. Andy thinks she can keep photographer James occupied for a few hours.

Nikki invites Danny Mountain over to the house to repair the vase. He soon has it looking as good as new. When it comes to payment, Nikki is still a few hundred dollars short, but putting her hand on the bulge in his pants, she hopes to come to some sort of agreement. She wraps her lips around Danny's dick. He peels her tight top over her tits as she sucks. His shaft glistening with saliva, Nikki wanks away. Her legs akimbo, Danny's tongue dances over Nikki's pussy lips. His fingers probe her bum. Taking his place on the cream leather sofa, Danny lowers Nikki's gyrating body onto his length. On her hands and knees, Nikki guides the cheb between her legs and slowly rocks back. The two collapse to shag spoons. Rubbing at her clit, Nikki eases Danny into her arse and rides reverse. Ready to cum, Nikki jerks his jizz onto her open mouth. Payment has been made in full.

Kristina returns to find the house just the way she left it. Pouring water into her vase, Nikki notices a pool on the table. Offering an excuse, she makes her escape not a penny richer.

Whilst Nikki's acting ability in Nikki's House is a little stiff and staid, she more than makes up for this in her energetic performance. With a strong supporting cast, including Bobbi Starr and new starlet Andy San Dimas, and decent direction from B Skow, Nikki shows what she is cabable of in a Vivid production. This is her best film for the studio to date.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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