< Omar's Amazing Triumphs: London Cunt Hunt DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Omar Williams
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - London Cunt Hunt DVD available USA, VCA
Notes and Reviews

The introductions to Omar videos show a montage of previous scenes and amongst them is some very fine action indeed. Sadly, none of the scenes in this film are that memorable. Despite several changes to the format introduced here, the whole film has a tired feel.

Omar meets French Missy shopping in central London and takes her back to the Cumberland Hotel for a shag. Missy checks the room to make sure her boyfriend is out, enters the room and strips out of her clothes so that Omar can enter her. The whole scene then proceeds in complete silence, I had to listen hard for the sound of light breathing and creaking bedsprings to check that the tv sound hadn't gone. Missy looks increasingly uncomfortable and the final facial is a relief. Cue boyfriend returning and Omar leaves via the window.

In a jump in continuity, Omar is still partly dressed but now in the hall of a block of flats. Mark (Guy) invites Omar into a flat where he is just about to enjoy the attentions of Alyssa, who appears wearing a diaphanous negligee. The minimalist lounge sports just a plasma tv - which fascinates Omar - and couch. Unfazed by the arrival of two extra guys and a videocam, Alyssa starts to work on Mark on the couch instructing Omar to keep his hands off. Of course Omar can't resist and before long he slips his length into her pussy while she continues to suck on Mark. Now Omar takes over completely, but eventually Mark is allowed some doggy action before Omar returns for some anal which ends in a cowgirl dp with Omar underneath. Alyssa is a great performer, but here she seems restrained throughout the action which takes place entirely in the room's bay window with the curtains open.

Omar is ushered out, but he hangs around the flat, eventually finding the bathroom where Alyssa is taking a shower. He hides in the bedroom while Alyssa gets dressed, then Jamie Woods calls. Both girls are going shopping, but before they do there's enough time for some girl-girl action. There seems little chemistry between the girls, all the more surprising given the blistering performances the girls have given elsewhere and there is plenty of forced squeaking and squealing. Lots of dildo action with Omar occasionally helping out. Eventually the girls get redressed and leave for the shops.

Before Omar can leave, black girl Sam arrives and heads for the ensuite bathroom to change. She reappears in black microdress and stockings. Initially surprised at Omar's presence, she takes a shine to him and agrees to a shag. Introductions are performed (Sam helpfully has her initials tattooed on her right breast) and the action quickly begins, leading to vigourous sex on the bed including anal in most positions. The scene ends in a facial.

Despite the introduction of a threesome with Alyssa and Mark and the relatively unusual site of Omar fucking a black girl, this film disappoints. One for real fans of the performers only.

Review by Bayleaf

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