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Released: 2004
Director: Ant Melia
Notes: Fig Productions, www.fig-productions.co.uk
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

One of the first things you notice about On the Job is there are no titles and no music. Press the play button and you are straight in to the action. The story is simple - Starr is doing up a house and various people turn up to give a hand, no need to explain more.

The film starts with a wonderful shot of Starr in a tight blue dress and Avalon as the interior designer in a white skirt, bent over examining pictures for the house. Starr sees almost the picture she wants but the pose is wrong. Avalon offers to position her self the way Starr wants. With Avalon stripped down to her stockings, Starr runs her hands over her body. Avalon has some tools which may help and opens a bag full of sex toys. Starr slips a pink life like dildo into Avalon's love box. It looks good so what about a bright pink vibe deep in her own pussy? Equally as nice. The girls play and wank each other, then Avalon pulls on a strap-on and prises Starr's pussy open with the huge toy to fuck her. Starr mounts the plastic prick cowgirl letting Avalon lick at her swinging tits. The crotch strap bites tight into her cunt as they hump. Taking Starr doggy, Avalon slips a second toy up her arse and DP's her till she shakes with pleasure.

Wearing a flowing white see-through negligee, Avalon invites Starr and decorator Jay into her flat to size up the bedroom, but the two girls are more interested in sizing up Jay's cock than getting a quote for wallpapering. Pulling down his pants the pair are soon busy at work brushing his dick with their tongues. Avalon drops her knickers, Starr climbing between her legs to lap at her lips. Jay joins in the tasting session. The three move to the bed, Starr sliding her knickers to one side then sitting on Avalon's face while Jay continues to munch on minge. Accompanied by squeeky bedsprings, Jay pounds away at Avalon's pussy, missionary then doggy style, Starr tasting the juices from his cock. Balancing on the bedside cabinet Starr pulls her legs high in the air to take the full length of Jay's man meat. The girls exchange places a couple of times, sampling each other's pussy fluid as they swap. Starr pulls out a strap-on to let Avalon have a taste of what she experienced earlier. With plastic in her pussy and a prick in her mouth, Avalon slowly rocks her body back and forth till Jay is ready to cum. The girls share his load over their faces.

Starr turns up to see how the decorating is getting on and finds Stephan, Jay's assistant, at work. She unzips his trousers to examine his tool. As she deep throats him Stephan undoes her white top and finger fucks her fanny. The two end up 69 on a dust sheet. Starr slides her pussy down his body and pops his prick in her pussy. Rolling over, the shagging continues doggy, Starr's bum rippling with every thrust. The two are still hard at it when Jay returns and the twosome becomes a threesome. The boys have a good long session fucking and being sucked, Starr gagging as she's being shagged. Eventually Stephan can hold on no longer and lets out a spurt of spunk over Starr's swollen lips, the rest goes into her mouth. Jay follows coating her face in jizz.

In the final scene Starr is in the bedroom with friends Freya and Louise telling of her fucking sessions with the painters. The girls want to know how she took on two guys at once. Under the bed Starr has an assortment of toys to show how. Stripping, Louise puts on a strap-on and tit fucks Freya. Coating the plastic penis in lube the girls practice their oral skills. With Freya tonguing her pierced nipples Louise slips the shaft into Starr's pussy, Freya follows up with a vibe in Starr's arse. The girls work away till she orgasms. Louise is next for the toy treatment. A probe is eased into her bum while a high speed vibe is held hard against her clit making her moan with pleasure. Freya finds a big blue vibrator which she puts on full power as it's pushed all the way into Louise's cunt making her really cum. Freya is the last to try the fun, stripping out of her denim mini and pink knickers. Starr slides a black butt plug up her arse and she then lubes up a huge double-ended dong for the girls to share. Licking at their pussies, Starr holds the toy as the two take more and more inside. With their lips almost touching and Starr's tongue darting back and forth there is a loud sigh. The three hug each other.

For a relatively new company Fig have produced a very good film. The cast may be small but that is more than made up for by the performances of all involved. Starr deserves a special mention. She is in the film from the first shot right through to the end. Whether with girls or boys, she tackles them all with enthusiasm and never flags. Worth watching for Starr's performance alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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