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Released: 2005
Director: Gary 'tas' B
Notes: www.nectasmovies.com
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Despite being in the business for a while there's precious little of Pheonix's b/g work on DVD (March 2005). This excellent featurette from Nectas, the team behind the UKNymphos website, puts this right as Pheonix fronts this tale of sexual politics at the office. All but the final scene have been availble as high quality downloads, but here the seemingly separate scenes are threaded into a story.

To begin at the beginning, Pheonix is working for Chuck Starr. She wants promotion, so her unpleasant boss offers a distinctly non-pc trial as his personal assistant. The first assistance Chuck needs is with the bulge in his trousers and Pheonix's cock-sucking leads to full sex over the desk. For daywear Pheonix dresses provocatively in miniskirt and black stockings so Chuck keeps these and her black pants on during sex. Sex in cowgirl on the chair and the scene ends with a facial and promotion.

Pheonix links the scenes with an explanation to camera. She has had second thoughts about Chuck's behaviour and complains to area manager Alexis May.

Alexis calls at Chuck's house to investigate, but it seems all she's interested in is Chuck's cock. Soon Alexis is stripped to the waist and Chuck has her superb tits in his hands. Tit fucking and cock sucking leads to Chuck fucking Alexis on the bamboo conservatory furniture. Losing her skirt and revealing thick black stockings and suspenders Alexis gets fucked in doggy, cowgirl and missionary before Chuck comes over her admirable tits.

Pheonix continues to get harassed by her boss so she seeks legal redress from solicitor Alyssa Jenkins.

Alyssa calls a meeting (in her kitchen?). Chuck chooses to re-enact the complaint by getting Pheonix to suck his cock at which Alyssa strips out of her business suit, leaving just her boots on, and joins the action. Chuck fucks both girls face to face on the sofa, then Pheonix again in reverse cowgirl and missionary, ending with joint facial.

Returning home to boyfriend Dougie Load, Pheonix admits she still has boss problems. Dougie isn't happy about her shagging her boss but Pheonix improves his mood by sucking his cock in the kitchen. Dougie undresses Phoenix, pushes her onto her back on the work surface and gives her a good fucking on the peninsular unit. Sex in doggy and r.cowgirl follows ending with Dougie coming over her tits.

Pheonix decides to drop the charges and life with her boss improves until he invites her to a conference where her boyfriend is also going.

In a hotel room Dougie's secretary says she can't find a room. "No problem", says Dougie, "it's payback time for my bitch girlfriend" and secretary Kya stays for a fuck. The pair strip naked (except for Kya's boots) and fuck all over the room, on the bed, dressing table and cowgirl on a chair. Eventually Dougie cums over Kya's tits.

Meanwhile the room crisis has meant Pheonix staying with her boss, he's been a perfect gentleman, but now on the last day...

Pheonix and Chuck are in their room when Dougie arrives in beligerent mood with Kya. However the boys decide to fuck rather than fight and a terrific foursome follows. The girls are shared and are fucked doggy side by side. More combinations follow until Pheonix, while on top of Dougie, takes Chuck's cock in her pussy at the same time. More swapping around ends with double joint facial.

And to end, Pheonix says she enjoyed it all and everything's back to normal, whatever that is!

Real quality sexual action here with the guys and girls enjoying themselves. All the girls are unrelentingly attractive and Kya is an animal who must have disturbed the neighbours with her screams.

Each scene is around the same length of 15 minutes giving a total run time of 90 minutes. While the DVD has a scene menu, navigation is a little problematic and I would have liked to have more authoring points inserted.

Camerawork, locations and sound are good. The main technical problem is lighting, most obviously in the final hotel scenes which rely on the roomlights. Apart from the lack of colour balance the camera's auto-exposure reads off the table lights rendering some of the action impossible to see. Hopefully if enough people buy this excellent debut from Gary and the Nectas team he'll be able to afford a set of lights. Definitely recommended.

The trailers show scenes featuring Alexis Silver, Suzie Best, Aimee Blu and Chantelle Stevens, so plenty to look forward to.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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