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Released: 2005
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

Doll Theatre have used a small cast of three girls (Donna, Lolly and McKenzie) and three guys (Steve Hooper, Mason and Micky Most) for this everyday tale of high flying traders from South London.

Steve Hooper as 'Tel Boy' and his girlfriend Lolly turn up at Donna-Marie's pub hoping to deal a case load of dodgy dildos. Micky the landlord is interested and disappears upstairs with Lolly to inspect the merchandise. Before committing he wants Lolly to demonstrate but first she has to prepare by wanking. Sliding her hand down the black lace knickers Lolly fingers herself. She drops her panties and large amounts of lube are rubbed into her swollen pussy lips. Working her fingers round and round, Lolly orgasms; she is now ready. Taking a toy she pumps the pink plastic deep into her pussy. Writhing with every stroke, Lolly builds up to a frantic orgasm. It's now time to replace the dildo with Mick's dick.

Back at the bar McKenzie is filthy after fixing 'Tel Boy's' motor, Donna takes the dirty girl to the ladies for a wash. Once stripped Donna decides to use her tongue to clean up McKenzie and starts with her bum and pussy. Donna then drops her black dress so allowing McKenzie to suck her lips deep into her mouth before finger fucking her. McKenzie appears with a strap-on and reclining on a chair takes Donna for a ride.

Upstairs in the office Lolly has her mouth full of Micky's cock, taking it in up to the balls. Micky lies back for Lolly to ride him reverse cowgirl, her labia rubbing his shaft as the pair bounce up and down. Turning round Lolly pulls her legs right back for some anal action, taking the full length of Micky's meat in her arse. She then gags as Mick tickles her tonsils before wanking his load into her mouth.

Steve sets off to the ladies to find Donna and McKenzie and quickly has both girls sucking at his dick and nut sack. After a good long blow job the pair get to share his spunk.

With everybody back at the bar Lolly wants to dance. Fortunately someone has erected a pole for her to use. Dropping her black skirt to the floor and lifting her top over her tits, Lolly slips her hand into her black lace knickers. Gyrating round the pole the panties are also discarded as her fingers probe and penetrate her pussy. It's then into the toy box to find the largest dildo available. Lolly works this between her legs pushing it deeper and deeper with each stroke. With her pussy filled to capacity she inserts a second toy up her arse to finish off.

The sight of Lolly wanking has Donna and McKenzie excited. Mason turns up and immediately sets to sucking Donna's erect nipples and damp pussy while McKenzie pulls at Steve's pants to gain access to his cock. To the amazement of three drinkers Donna lies back on their table to be taken missionary by Mason and at the other side of the pub McKenzie has mounted the bar for similar treatment from Steve. Not wanting to miss out Mick joins Lolly on the dance floor to have his cock sucked as he licks her pussy lips. For the next 30 minutes the girls take it in both holes in various positions and end with Donna getting a DP from Steve and Mason. The trio have their mouths filled with cream, Donna and McKenzie indulge in some cum swapping kissing and Lolly happily blows spunk bubbles before swallowing the lot.

Doll Theatre have come up with a good idea and got great performances from all. Lolly's solo work is some of the best I've seen. Unfortunately this was let down by poor lighting/sound and indifferent wobbly camera work. A brilliant film spoilt.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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