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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse, see also egafd
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Running time: 140 mins.

On a Dogging Mission is one of the first of Anjali Kara and DiSanto's films to be released under the Killergram banner. Many of the girls have appeared in the couple's Pornostatic releases (under different names), but has the change of label cured the production/technical niggles which dogged their earlier work?

On a cold March day Anjali is sitting shivering in her fur coat in the back of a car. Chloe B is beside her in a blue bikini, not noticing the cold. The pair are off to the countryside for a shagging. They arrive at the wood to find no one there so, spreading a blanket, they make do with the driver. Both the girls give the driver a blow job. Chloe moves down to suck on Anjali's pussy which ends in a three-way licking session. The girls snog and kiss as Anjali is entered from behind, Chloe climbing between her legs to tongue her clit and the guy's balls. With nettles poking through the blanket, Anjali gets the guy to lie down so she can ride him cowgirl. After a long wank the driver fires his load over the girls' faces.

In her mini skirt, white blouse and knee-length white socks, Claudia fingers her fanny during her night ride to the car park. There is almost no one there so Bob the driver dives in the back to do the business, having his cock sucked as DiSanto films from outside. Claudia notices a parked car and jumps in to suck on the driver's cock. With her bum sticking out of the door a guy appears to finger her pussy. Claudia goes back to Bob's car to finish what she started. He holds a vibe hard against her clit then, with her arms and legs thrashing, he fucks her.

Dorris is going dogging for the first time. In her white hot shorts and fishnets, Felicity watches her wank as she is whisked through the darkened back streets . At the car park the guys gather, but she is very choosy about which cocks she is going to taste. Felicity stands with a mug of tea while Dorris sucks the first guy off. He sprays his spunk over her tits. Guy number 2 pops his load after a few quick strokes. The third guy takes a little longer, Dorris running her tongue over his shaft. Then he coats her black bra in spunk. The scene ends abruptly.

Kyla is having a glass of wine before she goes out with DiSanto. In her black lingerie and platform shoes she is going to attract attention. On her way to the site she rubs herself up, dreaming of taking seven or more guys in her mouth and over her face. As soon as the car halts men come flocking round. Kyla lines them up and starts to suck. The first two she does sitting on the car seat, taking their cream over her face and letting it dribble onto her tits. For guy number 3 she kneels, caressing and licking his cock and balls. Kyla's face is covered when he cums - he must have been saving for weeks. After the shower of spunk Kyla decides perhaps only 3 for starters.

Lilly is on her way to Tilbury to suck cock. DiSanto has found a perfect spot by the Thames. Lilly climbs down some steps and crouches down to take a guy deep into her mouth. After a short while she spits out her chewing gum and continues sucking. At this stage DiSanto starts to film the river, boats, aeroplanes and a fisherman, rather than the action. The group move back to the car out of the icy blast. Lilly pulls down her pink jumper and flashes her pert breasts before resuming the blow job. The guy gives her a facial.

Back in the Tilbury car park DiSanto finds Nikki giving head in the back of a blue car. She says he can watch as her fanny is finger fucked and she runs her tongue up and down the guy's shaft. Twisting her self round she slips his balls into her mouth and sucks. Her nipples peek out of her black top. Nikki positions her self to have her tonsils fucked, the guy sliding his dick down her throat. He cums in her mouth and, gulp, all gone.

Aya (as Passion) is on her way to her wedding reception in her bridal outfit, but decides to do a little spunk swallowing on the way. Stepping out of the car she is soon surrounded by dicks. This safety-first girl gets the guys to use condoms before she starts sucking. Pulling her tits out of her top, Aya tweaks her erect nipples as the first fellow fires over her face. Man number 2 covers her tits and she massages it in. The third guy is wearing a green rubber which makes his cock look like a small courgette; Aya is halfway through bringing him off when he disappears into the night.

Filming in cars, out of doors and at night can be difficult and DiSanto managed to do this successfully for his previous dogging film (In Car Entertainment), but it looks like he has forgotten all he learned. The lighting is poor in the night shots, girls faces are bleached out and in the session with Nikki half of the scene is lit whilst the rest is in gloom. There are also problems with wind noise throughout the film (turn the volume down) and why all the shots of the river in the scene with Lilly? If you want to buy a dogging film ICE is a far better buy.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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