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Released: 2005
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony, double DVD set
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 240 mins.

With five scenes of almost 50 minutes and a total running time of four hours, most production companies and directors would have either dramatically edited the work or released the film in two parts. Harmony, thank goodness, have done neither, allowing Tanya Hyde's epic work to go out as a double-DVD set. This hot and sensuous work stars eight of Europe's finest girls and includes Strapon Jane in her first big production and Elle Brook in skin tight latex.

White Light White Meat
In a white, clinical-looking sixties furnished flat, black rubber-clad Jane Darling spins round in an egg shaped chair, fingering and stretching her pussy while suited Tony de Sergio watches and wanks. A red toy stands erect on the glass coffee table and, climbing out of her cocoon, Jane impales herself on it, her body writhing as she slithers up and down. Reaching Tony she bends over to suck his cock - her long latex-clad legs seem to go on forever. Kneeling on a large round stool, Tony slips his dick into Jane's wet hole. As the pair turn so Jane can ride reverse cowgirl, Claudia Rossi, in a red rubber dress, is led into the room by Lee Henshaw. Claudia goes down to munch on Jane's neatly trimmed mound. With Claudia lapping her bum, Jane wanks and sucks the boys. The two girls go for deep throat action. Suspended on a swing, Claudia has her pussy pumped, the chains rattling as the boys jab their dicks in her arse. Jane moves to a sleek chrome-and-white chair where she pulls her legs up high to let Tony bonk her bum. Lee fires his load over Claudia's arse. Jane takes the spunk on her pussy.

Subterranean Sex Slaves
The grainy start to the scene adds to the atmosphere of an underground dungeon packed with sex toys, where Elle Brook and Natalie Heck are held captive in their latex basques and stockings. Tony and Marco release the girls from their cages and carry them to the wet room where they masturbate and lick each other under a stream of water. Natalie pushes a row of beads up Elle's arse. The water drips off them and down her pussy. Back in the cell, Tony runs a plasma wand over Elle's nipples and clit. The sensation sends tingles of pleasure through her body. Natalie fills her bum with a toy while Tony pulls Elle's pussy and bum open. The guys move and sit back-to-back allowing the girls to caress their balls and suck on their cocks. Elle climbs onto an examination chair and, holding her legs open with stirrups, she lets Tony probe her pussy with his prick. Natalie has been hoisted up in a sheepskin covered harness giving Marco access to all parts. Back on the ground both girls bend over to be taken doggy. Their bodies gyrate as the dicks are slipped into their bums. With the boys lying flat, it's more riding for the two girls - this time up the back passage. With the girls wearing safety goggles, the guys cum over their faces.

The Twisted World of Strapon Jane
In a red-leather top and stockings, Alicia Rhodes looks out from a converted warehouse over the river Thames. Turning, she sees Roxanne in thigh-length black boots and basque tied to a hook, her legs splayed with a bar. She spanks her bum and fingers her pussy before erecting a dildo on a chrome rod between Roxanne's legs. Roxanne eases herself onto the toy and slowly rocks. Strapon Jane, in a man's suit, summons Alicia to the next room where she is told to remove her trousers and lap at her pussy. Strapon Jane's body convulses as Alicia's tongue goes to work. Alicia is ordered onto all fours to play with herself while Strapon Jane changes. She returns dressed in leather with a big black strapon. The plastic prick is pushed into Alicia's pussy. Strapon Jane hammers so fast her body becomes a blur. With the pussy red, it's now time for the arse and Strapon Jane wants to see Alicia's bum hole gaping. Ian Tait turns up wearing an elephant mask with a dildo nose and Strapon Jane slips his cock between her ruby red lips, Alicia and Roxanne are brought in to continue while Strapon Jane leaves. The girls tease Ian, pulling on his nipples then deep throating his man meat. Roxanne relaxes in a suspended chair. Ian kneels before her and penetrates her pussy with his trunk as she swings forward. Next door Alicia has climbed aboard a fucking machine, its piston rhythmically pumping her wet cunt. Roxanne replaces the plastic with the real thing, getting Ian to bang her bum as well as her pussy. Alicia groans as the machine slowly screws itself into her arse. Ian squirts his load over Roxanne's open hole.

Claudia sits in a flowing black dress sipping Absinthe in a darkly-panelled room. A man swathed from head to toe in leather appears, pulling on his todger. Is he real or just the effects of the alcohol? Running her tongue around her lips and filling her fanny with fingers, Claudia goes to investigate. The man seems real enough; so getting him to lie down, she rubs her pussy over his face and orders him to pleasure her. Crouched before him, she feasts on his cock, her cheeks sucked in as it slips past her tonsils. Wondering what other delights the house has to offer, Claudia sets off for the bedroom. She finds a toy which she stuffs in her pussy and then licks the juices from it. Marco, stripped of his leather, comes into the room. Claudia swallows his cock as he fingers her bum. The pair move back to the main room. Claudia bends over the brown leather couch and has her pussy plundered. Jane, in boots and black corset, arrives to find a vacuum-packed man sandwiched in latex and lying on the floor. She rubs her pussy over the shrink-wrapped body, he remains motionless as a panel is removed and Jane first sucks then sits on his cock. Wanking hard she makes him cum. Meanwhile Marco has started to work a huge red rod into Claudia's pussy. She licks it clean and hands it back, then her eyes roll as the toy is driven deep into her arse. Jane joins in, moaning as Marco jams his tool in her bum. Ian Tait turns up to provide a second cock. The girls ride the guys in unison, Jane getting her arse covered in cream and Claudia receiving a mouth full of spunk.

The final scene makes great use of negative images as a white-clad Roxanne lies transfixed in a dentist's chair while rubber-clothed Keira runs her hands over her body. The girls kiss, then Keira lowers the chair and stands over Roxanne's face while Roxanne explores each fold of her pussy lips with her mouth. Kneeling, Keira's long tongue flicks and darts at Roxanne's clit and wriggles its way into her bum. A large rubber dildo attached to a pipe is pushed into Roxanne's pussy. Keira licks the shaft to keep it lubricated as it slips in and out. Technician Ian appears in protective uniform and face mask. Roxanne sucks on his dick then guides it into her pussy as she laps at Keira's moist hole. Climbing onto the examination table, Keira spreads her legs wide, giving Kevin Long and his chin-mounted toy access to her pussy. She licks her red lips as she is fucked and sucked at the same time. Ian moves between Kiera's legs and as she is licking Roxanne he jabs his dick in her arse. The scene ends with Keira sandwiched in latex listening to Roxanne being fucked. Roxanne catches the cream in her mouth and gives Keira a spunky kiss.

Creative, imaginative, erotic... there are not enough superlatives to describe Orgazm Addictz... and Elle in a fetish outfit... too much. This is Tanya Hyde fetishism at its very best... Another award winning film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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