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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 137 mins.

Just when you thought DiSanto had turned the corner and started to produce watchable films, On A Dogging Mission IV turns up. Poor picture quality, badly lit, with disjointed editing and a girl (woman) who decides half way through a scene she's had enough!!!

Dior, with her dyed blonde hair and pink pimp's hat, flashes her red knickers at parked cars as she hunts for cock. Three guys turn up and with a dick in each hand she sucks the third. When a fourth turns up, Dior decides she'd better kneel down and someone kindly provides a mat. Her panties round her knees, the guys finger her cunt Her hat comes off as they play with her boobs, as she sucks all the while. Finally she wants to be showered in spunk and goes down on all fours while the guys jerk off over her back. Her black dress gets coated and she slips into the back of the car in an anorak to head home. Whilst not in the first flush of youth, Dior's enthusiastic antics are marred by bright lighting which bleashes out all colour.

Larger and more mature Elise is taken to DiSanto's favourite spot by the Thames. In her thigh length black boots and PVC corset she is ready for action. Only one guy turns up and Elise is soon complaining about the light, hiding her face. DiSanto turns the lights off to let her suck shadows lurking in the darkness. When the lights are turned back on Elise has had enough. To try and save the scene he suggests she wanks with a vibrator which she has brought. A couple of minutes and Elise is off down the riverside hiding her face. A waste of a scene.

Not really Dogging, Felicity finds herself in the back of a limo with Nancy and Kinga for a little girl on girl action. Soon the finger fucking turns into an all-girl annihilation with tits and fannies being spanked till they are red raw. Squirting lube over each other's pussies, fingers and tongues fly. Kinga and Nancy rip Felicity's fishnets to ram a black dildo between her legs. More toys appear and Kinga and Nancy start to stuff themselves. Felicity decides to give the driver a blow job and jumps out. Bending over, Felicity takes the chauffeur's cock in her mouth in what appears to be a different car. She sucks and laps his dick. Back in the back of the limo she tongues his balls and jerks him off ... but where have Kinga and Nancy gone? This appears to be two separate shoots badly bolted together.

Out in the countryside DiSanto finds Grace in her black leather lingerie giving a guy a blow job in the back of a car. As he films, a second man comes up to the window and starts to wank. Grace pulls her panties over to show her arse as she swallows. On her hands and knees on the back seat, Grace gets her pussy and arse fingered. She them lets the guy lick her arse as she feasts on dick. Bending over the bonnet she is taken from behind. The following sequence is very disjointed, Grace is in the car, out of the car, being fucked by a black guy with a white dick in her pussy, being shagged by a white guy with a black dick in her pussy ... The scene ends with her sitting in the open door taking jizz over her tits.

Iowana (aka Yvonne) looks as sexy as hell in her black top, skirt and boots, her long dark hair in bunches. After finishing her cigarette it's down to the riverside for some action. In the murk and rain, guys line up to have their dicks sucked. The first doesn't cum so he is allowed to tongue her pussy, the second fires after a few strokes. A couple of drunks join in, offering lager in the can. They finger her fanny and by now there's quite a crowd. Iowana takes cock of all shapes and sizes, though mostly tadgers, licking and wanking them till they cum. One of the guys is taken back to the car for Iowana to ride, but no sooner has she mounted him than he cums in his condom. It doesn't stop her from bouncing on his stump.

This is a poor film. Iowana and Grace are let down by bad production. Dior is enthusiastic but ordinary-looking. The Felicity scene looks as if it was in the wrong film and Elise lets her self down. Run a mile from this one.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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