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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

In On a Dogging Mission 3 DiSanto takes some new girls to his favourite riverside spot for some outdoor activity. Unlike the previous films where the girls have been shivering in the cold, Number 3 has been shot in warmer weather, but there is still the windy blast down the Thames.

Sahara Knite sits in the back of DiSanto's car being driven to the riverside in her white cotton dress and black stockings. She slips her fingers and a clear blue toy into her pussy leaving a damp patch on the seat. Disappointingly, there are no guys there; so Sahara sits on a wall watching the boats pass with her fingers in her fanny wanking. Pushing a digit in her bum hole makes the juices flow, these are helped along with the blue toy. All this playing with her pussy makes Sahara want to pee. Leaving the puddle behind, Sahara lies on a bench and toys, lube and fluid ooze out of her love box. Further along the foot path Sahara has a wank on an anchor leaving a moist mark where her pussy had been. With no signs of guys she leaves.

Leah Joshi is sorting out what to wear when she goes out. It's the first time she has been dogging. Pulling on a black top, a denim skirt and sexy, strappy sandals she sets out for the riverside. A group of guys have gathered and she sets straight to work sucking cock. Her tongue flicks and laps at the shafts as more and more join the queue. Taking off her top her boobs swing free as her head bobs up and down. Moving to the bench she gets the guys to wank off over her body, jizz trickling down her tits. Leah sets off in search of more dick. She corners a guy and gives him a blow job, but this makes her pussy ache for cock. Leah drags him back to the bench and mounts his dick. Wanting more of his length she turns to be taken doggy. Finally the pair end hammering away missionary style, the guy almost falling off the seat as he pulls out to shower her tits.

Sitting in the back of DiSanto's car on holiday, Tiara Gomez is in her black evening dress, but she's forgotten her knickers. Still it makes it easier to play with the double-ended dildo while they look for dick. A guy approaches and stuffs his cock through the open window. Grabbing it, Tiara licks at his shaft. The guy gets into the car to get a better view of Tiara's moist pussy. She manoeuvres herself impaling her fanny on his manhood, her head hitting the roof as she bounces and gyrates. Turning, Tiara takes her tits out and rubs them in the guys face as the car goes up and down on its springs. The two move, Tiara bending over the boot to be taken from behind. Back in the car there's a little more cock riding and the guy floods Tiara's mouth with cream. She lets it dribble over her chin and drip onto the black dress.

New girl Amanda stands by the river side, her blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Guys gather round like moths round a flame as she unzips her coat to reveal her black top and miniskirt. Flashing her boobs and bum gets the group aroused. Amanda takes the first few guys in her mouth, then spots a biker in leathers. Kneeling, she unzips his cock and starts to suck as the rest watch. Amanda has a thing about leathers. As soon as she has finished the first biker she starts on a second. The whole entourage move back to the bench and Amanda lies to fill her pussy with lube then wanks with a dildo as the guys cum over her face.

DiSanto calls to pick up Nichole but she's not quite ready. Pulling on her fishnets and shoes the pair rush to the car. Nichole flashes her boobs on the way to the car park. As she sits on the bench overlooking the river, the guys form a queue amongst the empty tins and carrier bags. Nichole, tits out, jerks the cocks into her mouth. Her tongue dances over the guys' helmets as she tugs on their shafts. The first couple pop their loads into her mouth and she smiles and swallows. Nichole's rapid wrist action gets the third to fire over her tits, number four's cock is more difficult to find, the tiny tadger hidden under a huge pot belly. A quick yank and he cums. There's only one guy left. When Nichole has emptied the crowd he cums on her tits as she flashes her pussy.

Walking in the countryside, DiSanto spies Chloe Windsor giving a blow job at the other side of a field. He approaches unnoticed and watches the young blonde's head bob back and forth on the shaft. Chloe is not really dressed for a walk in the fields, wearing a crop top, miniskirt, fishnet stockings and six-inch platforms. She looks up. The two say DiSanto can watch if he wants and Chloe wraps her lips around the guy's shaft and sucks. Her tongue explores his nut sack as she wanks at his dick. The guy is ready to cum and fires over Chloe's pierced tongue, some dripping out onto her top. The three make their way back toward the car, stopping so DiSanto can see her pussy. He is over the moon with her luxuriant hairy snatch and will return to see her in action next time.

The technical problems in DiSanto's earlier films appear to have been ironed out and On A Dogging Mission 3 is his best to date in this genre. Great work from the very wet Sahara and good performances from the new girls. It would be nice to take them one stage further in a studio perhaps. A good two-hour worth.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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