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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 142 mins.

With On A Dogging Mission IV being the low point in the series, the big question is have things got better for Number 5?

Trusty cameraman 'Dogging' Don is out in the countryside making his way to a favourite spot. He can't believe his eyes when the car headlights pick up blonde busty Cherry dressed as little red riding hood walking down the dark lane. On her way back from a fancy dress party, Cherry is up for some fun if it involves dick and jumps in. Parked up, a couple of guys come out of the darkness to see voluptuous Cherry and her mammoth mammaries. She wraps her red lips around their shafts and sucks. Her big tits wobble as she bangs her chin off the guys' balls, her hands jerking them off. Lifting out her tits really gets the boys going and squeezing their cocks they cum over her face.

Lilly is whisked past crowds of guys as she is driven to a doggy spot. Unfortunately they are on their way home from a football match and not going to see her. She steps out of the car in her stripy dress and black boots and half a dozen guys come out from their hiding places behind the trees. The sexy blonde grabs a cock and starts to suck, then a second and a third, her head yo-yoing between the dicks. The group get excited as Lilly pulls her black knickers to one side and flashes her pubes, neatly trimmed into a V-shape. More guys join in the wanking. She has a request - can they cum in her ears?!!! The boys do as they are told leaving Lilly with gloopy pearl earrings.

Back in the country lanes, Don sees Missy Mayers, hair in bunches, freckles on her face in her school girl outfit. In the back of the car she flashes her white knickers. She's up for cock if there is any on offer. As she kneels on a ground sheet only two guys turn up. It doesn't stop Missy gagging as she pushes their pricks past her tonsils. She undoes her white blouse - the cold night air has made her nipples stand on end. With her mouth full of cock and her nose pressed against the bloke's pocket, Missy jumps back laughing - his vibrating phone has just gone off. Bending over the car boot, Missy fingers her fanny - she fancies a fuck. Putting on their willy wellies, the two bonk away, the first in her pussy the second up her arse. Missy turns to catch their spunk on her tongue.

Next up is Nancy. Don finds her in the middle of nowhere in her black top, PVC mini skirt and stockings. She's only too keen to get into his car on a wet night. At the car park there is a distinct lack of cock. Only one person has turned up - she'll make do with him. Her short blonde hair sways and her head bobs up and down on his cock. Easing down her top the guy fondles her tits. Nancy stands, pulling her knickers down to show her smoothly-shaven snatch. Leaning on the back of Don's car she takes his dick in her pussy from behind, slowly rocking back. Nancy grabs hold of the staff and jerks it off over her face and tits.

Wandering through a wood, Don spots a girl lying in a clearing in a blue-striped top and black skirt with her fingers wedged in her pussy. Cock out he approaches, her name is Nikki and she's out from the office on her lunch break. Unfortunately most of the rest of the conversation is lost as the microphone is too far away. Nikki continues to wank as Don stands next to her tugging his tadger. Parting her pussy she pushes in more fingers. Don watches as she flashes her arse at the camera. Her fanny full of fingers, she rolls back over to let Don cum on her tits.

Creeping round the car park, Don finds a white van with a real dogging couple lying nude in the back. Unlike others in the film, this guy is not afraid to show his face. The girl introduces herself as Marie from Newcastle and she's on the hunt for cock. The guy fondles her massive tits then goes down to finger on her shaven fanny from which juice is already flowing. Kneeling, she is taken doggy, her boobs banging together as the pair bonk. Holding onto the roof of the van, Marie lowers herself onto the guy's dick and rides him hard. They manoeuvre into spoons, Marie sucking her nipples as she is fucked. Finally she props herself against the side of the van to be taken from behind. As he is about to cum, Marie opens her mouth to take his cream and then swallows. She loves spunk.

This is a far better film than 'On A Dogging Mission IV' with a good bit of banter going on with the girls. Rather strange that the only poor scene in the film was the one shot in daylight - a little wobbly and bad sound. As for the rest ... they were fine. If you're an avid Dogging fan, miss 4 and go for this one - a far better watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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