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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 143 mins.

Dressed up like an Eskimo and shooting in the middle of winter, Don 'Dogging' Roobles has a new batch of girls to take to some of his favourite car parks. Needless to say, with the temperature near zero most of the action takes place in the cramped confines of the back of Don's car.

Lexi is driven through London to a spot by the river. On the way Don and driver Bob get to learn the Polish for 'Suck my dick'. Well wrapped up against the biting wind, Lexi sits on a bench and starts to give Bob a blow job while she waits to see who else will turn up. A couple of guys appear from the gloom, cocks in hand. Lexi wanks them, her fingers sticking out of her fur lined cuffs. With one guy's belt jangling, she take him in her mouth, bringing him off over her face. Flashing her tits, she sucks on a second black dick. She slips her jacket over her shoulders to have her boobs groped and hands go down to her red panties. Freezing cold, she jumps back into the car.

Leather-clad 'Sexy Biker' has e-mailed Don asking if he would take her out, but when they get to the car park there's no one there. She parades up and down, the light from Don's camera reflecting from her shiny black trousers. Back at the car a guy has climbed into the back seat and she joins him. She unzips her top, then his pants and starts to suck. Her bright red lips clamp onto his shaft and her long dark hair falls over her face. Standing in the cold, Don wants to see what she can do. He climbs in and she wraps her fingers round his cock, jerking him before she takes it in her mouth. Don slides back out of the car, still with his dick in Sexy Biker's mouth. The guy in the other seat tugs at his tadger. Getting out of the car, Don leaves Sexy Biker to finish off the guy. He showers over her tits and she turns and takes Don's load in her mouth.

Blonde Storm Sanders sits in the back of the car in her denim jacket and skirt, flashing her stocking tops and black knickers. Outside it's blowing a gale, but it doesn't stop her showing her sexy black boots to a guy as she gets out of the car. Crouched out of the wind behind the boot, she gives him a blow job. A second cock appears which Storm pops into her mouth. Undoing her black bra, Storm runs her pierced tongue over the guys' members as they squeeze her erect nipples. Bending over, one of the guys licks and fingers her arse. A few seconds later he has his cock in her pussy. Storm wants both boys to cum in her mouth and on her tits. With no one else around, Storm gets back in the car where a guy is waiting with his dick out. Stretching open Storm's snatch he buries his face between her legs making her pussy lips swell. Storm fingers herself and plays with her tits till she climaxes.

In a white padded jacket, Sammy Jay shivers in the car park as she lifts her short skirt to show her bum. A guy sits in a car with his cock against the steering wheel. Sammy Jay jumps in to devour it, her lips travelling the whole length of his dick. Her white panties pulled tight into her cunt, her bum is spanked as she sucks. Moving the driver further back on the seat, she gags and dribbles, stopping halfway through to have a cigarette. She unlooses her top to take his cream on her tits.

Dark haired and slightly plain looking, Vanessa, in her fur-trimmed coat, crouches in the back of Don's car with a cock in her mouth. Her hands become a blur as she wanks the shaft. The guy undoes her coat to play with her boobs. The pair move into the open where they are illuminated by the car headlights. She crouches in her black-and-white checked skirt to suck ... nothing happens. Vanessa lights a cigarette while the chap yanks away ... still nothing. 'It must be the cold' he says as he tugs and pulls. Fed up, Vanessa leaves.

Samantha Bond opens the door in her fluorescent pink boob tube and long black boots. After pulling on a fur jacket she is ready to go dogging. On her way down in the lift she pops out her tits and squeezes the nipples - she is ready for cock. Arriving at the car park things look quiet. Samantha leans out of the window and shouts that she 'wants cock'. Sheepishly a couple of guys appear. Hanging out of the car, she starts to suck. It's no good - she needs to get out to benefit from the boy's length. She smears her red lipstick along the dicks. The cold night air makes Samantha's nipples stand on end and she lets the boys see them as she wanks at their cocks, her head turning back and forth between the two. Samantha's eyes water as she swallows. The two cum, covering her face. With spunk dripping, Samantha strips and dances round the car park.

The film is rough and raw around the edges, much like dogging I presume. I have to admit I felt sorry for the girls in this one - trying to suck guys whose knobs have stopped working because of the freezing cold. Why not shoot in the warm? It may be authentic, but it's poor entertainment.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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