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Released: 2006
Director: Tony Goodfellow, John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 127 mins.

Only Girls Allowed is not a group from the X Factor but the latest all-girl film from the Tony Goodfellow and John Mason stable. The six scenes are a strange mix of solo, girl-on-girl and group sessions, which don't quite seem to sit comfortably together.

The film starts off in a rather cramped bedroom with Leah, who makes Alexis look flat chested, sharing a single bed. The girls run their boobs together and suck at their own and each other's nipples. Slipping down their jeans, the two lie on a vile coloured cover which ruts and ruffles up as they move. Shuffling down between Leah's legs, Alexis laps at her pussy, her boobs resting on her stomach. With her long blonde hair flicked back, Leah licks her juices from Alexis's fingers. A glass dildo is pulled from under the pillow and enters Leah's cunt. The girls lie side by side pulling at each other's pussies. Shuddering, Alexis orgasms.

Marie-Louise sits on a black leather sofa, her hands running over Lucy's black dress. Dropping her top she offers Lucy a nipple to nibble. Not wanting to feel left out, Lucy undoes the halter on her dress, her breasts fall free and the two start to suck. Kissing, the girls roll and squash their tits together. Pulling down Marie-Louis's denim skirt to reveal that she has forgotten her knickers, Lucy drops her own black dress to flash her shaven snatch. Going between her fishnet-clad legs, Marie-Louise tongues at Lucy's lips. The two swing round and end up 69ing. Shadows fall across the pair as they play with a red vibrator. Marie-Louise's pendulous boobs swing back and forth as she takes the toy doggy. Lucy gets a silver vibrator pushed into her pussy. As she tugs on her tits, a hand (the director's?) forces Marie-Louise's face into her fanny. As with Marie-Louise, Lucy ends on all fours, the vibrator in her cunt.

Four short solo scenes follow.

Marie-Louise peels off her red top and knickers, squeezing her tits together before hiding a vibrator in her cleavage. Rolling over, she starts to wank as kids shout and scream outside. With the vibrator gently humming in her pussy, she climaxes.

In what looks like a hotel bedroom, Lucy kneels on the bed, her shiny tiny silk dress pulled tight across her boobs and raised at the front, flashing her knickers. She strips and slips her fingers into her pussy which squelches as she works away. A silver vibrator is produced. On full power, it teases her clit then is stuffed deep between her legs till she cums.

Sitting on the bed with her legs wide open and no knickers, Leah Jayne raises her top, revealing nipples bigger than most girls' boobs. She cradles and sucks them. After fingering her pussy she sandwiches a glass dildo beteen her tits and licks at it as if it were a lolly pop. She gets it nice and wet and jams it into her pussy ...

Starting slightly dark, the next scene shows what Alexis can do with a couple of dildos. Removing her black top, she squeezes her tits out of her leopard-print bra, making her nipples hard and erect. Her white shorts off, Alexis slides a dildo into her pussy. Turning onto her side she finds a second toy which is eased into her arse. Probing away with the toys, Alexis allows the one in her bum to fall out, concentrating on her cunt. Trembling, she climaxes.

Set in a club, the final scene resembles nothing which has gone on before. Paige, Donna, Rachel and Tilly embark on a four girl orgy. All four quickly strip and pair up to munch at muffs. Fingers and tongues are much in evidence. With giggles and groans the girls swap partners for more pussy probing. A number of toys are at hand and, lubing each other up, the four start to wank. Paige pushes a toy up her arse and the other girls give a hand to DP her with plastic before breaking off to 69. Forming a chain, the four lap and lick each other, then use the toys to bring themselves to orgasm.

This is very much a 'bitsa' film with bits of this and bits of that thrown together. The first two scenes are weak, shot in cramped conditions. Camera angles are poor, things get kicked and the arms and legs of the cameraman keep appearing. The solo scenes are slightly better, but why put all four in a row when they are so similar? The final scene is by far the best, with a lot energy and interplay between the four. This is nicely shot and lit. But even the last scene doesn't redeem the whole film. Unless you are a fan of one of the girls, give it a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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