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Released: 2006
Director: Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive / American Xcess
Alternate Titles
  • Office Angels Adult Channel XXX
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

Following on from their highly successful Student House and Vice Girls series of films, MSS have kicked off a new series called Office Sluts, with eight of Britain's hottest actresses including Renee Richards, Jamie Brooks and Suzie Best. Can it go wrong?

Bespectacled and suited Charlie and Renee can't get on with their work. The computer system has failed and they hope the sexy hulk from the third floor can fix it. Sensi arrives and both girls want a glimpse of his tool box. Perched on the edge of the desk the two remove their white blouses as they pull at his pants. Crouching either side of him, they lick in unison, their tongues meeting at the tip of his cock. Skirt off, Renee gargles and her mouth is filled with dick. Sensi moves to plunge his prick in Charlie's pussy. With her leg out along the desk, Renee is fucked from behind. Charlie laps at the bonking pair. Both girls bend over the desk and Sensi's cock goes from cunt to cunt. The three move to the floor, the girls taking turns to ride Sensi's manhood and sit on his face. They kneel before him kissing as he jerks off over their faces.

Tony has bought some sexy lingerie for his girlfriend. Unsure if it will fit, he asks Jamie Brooks to try it on for him. Behind a screen she strips to reappear in a low-cut bra, suspenders and sexy black stockings. Tony thinks she looks the part, but wants co-worker Danny's opinion. The boys caress the black lingerie and all three get excited. Jamie rubs at the boys' cocks and her head bobs on the shafts as Danny and Tony slip her boobs out of her bra. Her panties pulled to one side, Jamie sits on Danny's dick. Her tits jiggle and jolt as she rides. As she kneels on the desk, the computer screens wobble as Tony bangs his dick into her pussy. She spreads her legs giving Danny access to her fanny. Hands between her legs, Jamie slaps her clit as the boys bang her doggy style. Turning, they jet their cream over her tits and she massages it in.

Time for a cuppa. Suzie heads for the kitchen where Ben stands, his hands down his trousers trying to 'flatten his shirt'. She notices a bulge and tries to help ... it makes things worse. Suzie slips off her white jacket, letting Ben nibble at her tits. His hand makes its way to her black knickers. Falling to her knees, she tries to stiffen Ben's resolve. His cock and balls go into her mouth. Lifted onto the table, Suzie spreads her legs for Ben to munch at her muff. Then Ben climbs onto the table and the two 69. Suzie fingers herself as Ben tugs at his tadger to get himself ready for action. The pair start to fuck as Zoe wanders in ... Ben loses the momentum. Her blouse undone, Zoe joins Suzie on the table. The girls kiss and lap at each other's bodies. With the two on top of each other, Ben's prick yo-yos between the girls. Suzie's toes tantalise Zoe's clit. She then bends forward to be fucked up the arse. After managing a few strokes, Ben pulls out and cums over Zoe's body.

Sahara sits reading a file when Dougie starts to caress her body. Her black skirt lifted and tits squeezed, boss Ian arrives to find Sahara with fingers in her turquoise panties. He's not impressed with either of them. He should have first chance to fuck Sahara. She unzips Ian's pants. Spit dribbles down his shaft as Sahara deep throats while Dougie's fingers enter her damp cunt. A cock in each hand, Sahara wanks. Slithering down her body, Dougie chews her clit through her knickers as she licks Ian's arse ... well, he is the boss. Pulling back her legs, the boys stretch open her pussy. Ian thrusts in hard. Sahara's moans are stifled by Dougie's cock in her mouth. With Sahara kneeling, Ian hammers her pussy so hard the chair she is on shifts over the room. Sahara takes turns sitting on the boys' dicks and then is finished doggy on the chair, Ian cumming first over her bum and back and Dougie spraying his spunk on her arse.

A distinguished grey-haired David Charles enters his office and calls for Karla to come in. He is very disappointed with her work, but she'll do anything to keep her job ... he has an idea. Lifting her short skirt, he bends her over his knee and starts to spank her bum. She unbuttons her tight white top and lets him finger her fanny. Getting his cock out she practices her dictation - her job is to please this dirty old man. She lies face down on his desk and he slips his cock into Karla's pussy. She pulls at her clit as she is taken from behind. With the boss back on his chair, Karla gives him a blow job then eases his dick into her pussy and starts to bounce. Following a few strokes missionary there follows possibly the worst fake cum shot I have seen. Karla looks as if someone has flicked a pot of yoghurt over her tits.

The film is good in parts, but not great. The main culprits are the less than hard Ben and the non-performing David ... why fake the final pop shot? It means that the lasting impression you get from the film is poor. The team will also have to work on some new story lines - the computer repair man appears to have replaced the 80's pizza delivery boy in the plots. Even with the great girls, Office Sluts 1 at best could be described as just adequate.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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