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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 140 mins.

Don "Dogging" Roobles has six more girls who go out and about with him to various car parks looking for cocks. Shot by the Thames and in South Yorkshire, On A Dogging Mission VII has a mix of well known faces, such as Natalia, alongside girls who are making their first appearances on film like Sindy Lane and Kimberley.

Lala walks into the woods near Doncaster with Don on the search for dick. Sitting on a log she unzips her black leather jacket and hikes up her skirt. With not a cock in sight, Don offers Lala his own and she slowly licks the head and wanks the shaft. Her nipples peeking out of her tight black top, Lala's fingers enter her pussy. She falls forward taking Don's dick deep down her throat. A noise! The two lie still as a horsewoman trots past on the path. Gone, Lala stands and flashes her bum for the camera. Don reaches out to squeeze her boobs. A little more wanking from the pair and Don jerks his cream into Lala's mouth.

Don meets Nikita in the car park of a fast food outlet. She is desperate for dick. The two make their way to the riverside where a gang of guys has gathered. Lifting her bluey/grey dress, Nikita pulls her panties to one side and pisses. She cannot suck cock with a full bladder. She kneels and the group gather round. She complains the first cock doesn't reach her tonsils. She is happier with numbers two and three. Squatting in a pile of leaves, Nikita dribbles the first loads of cum from her lips. Lying on a bench, legs spread, a couple more cocks fire over her face. Sitting up to suck at another, she again pees. Lighting a cigarette, she gives the last guy a smoky blow job before it's time to leave.

Gap-toothed Kimberley is whisked through darkened streets on her way to the riverside car park. Unbuttoning her long leather coat she flashes her black thigh length boots. Waiting on a bench, there's no one there. She flashes her bright red knickers which entices the guys out of the gloom. With the first cock in her mouth, the guy makes a grab at Kimberley's boobs. He quickly cums, covering her nose in spunk. Cleaned up, Kimberley walks along the path looking for more guys. She finds one and pins him against the wall, sucking away until he pops his jizz. Don asks if she is enjoying herself and in her broken English she says, "Yes! yes! yes! YES!!!".

It's Natalia's first time dogging and she sits in the car putting on her make-up, wanting to ensure she looks the part. She spots a car at the other side of the car park and totters over in her tight white top and jeans to investigate. Her tits out, Natalia leans over the passenger seat to get at the guy's dick. Squeezing his shaft, Natalia uses it like a gear stick as she wanks him. A quick tit fuck and it's back in her mouth. Jeans halfway down, Natalie finger fucks her fanny as her cheeks bulge with cheb. After a good long blow job, Natalia sits back and the guy showers her tits with spunk. She makes her way back through the puddles to Don's car.

Blue-eyed blonde Sindy tells Don of her desire to go dogging. She's been to a few swingers parties but this will be the first dogging. Arriving at the car park, she is disappointed. Not a cock anywhere. Stretched out in the back of Don's car, Sindy unzips her top and eases her boobs out of her black bra. Don tweaks Sindy's nipples as she works her fingers into her fanny. Still no pricks, so Don gives Sindy a big black dildo. She jabs it deep into her pussy. It makes her want the real thing even more. Don does the decent thing and gives her his dick to suck. Jumping out, Sindy bends over the boot of the car to be banged from behind. The shagging abruptly stops when a police car sweeps past. Coast clear, the two start again - this time in the comfort of the back seat. Sindy lies playing with her clit ring as Don jerks his cum over her cunt. Next time there may be more guys.

The last girl to go out and about is Chelsea. She strides out in her black boots and stockings to the riverside, looking for dick. Chelsea is in luck. A guy wanks in the foreground as she fills her face with cock. Though it's cold, Chelsea unzips her anorak to show her tight black top. As she sucks at a prick, a grey-haired guy in a camel coat climbs between her legs and licks at her pussy. More sucking and the guy presents Chelsea with a present - a vibrator in her pussy. Leaning forward, a load of jizz is fired over her bum. Chelsea takes the next on her face and over her tits. The guy's spent and it's time to go home.

Although some of the action looks 'stage managed' a majority of the scenes are in the 'raw' and On a Dogging Mission VII is probably as close as you'll get to the real thing. Unlike his earlier works, Don Roobles has mastered the lighting and camera technique required for this genre and his films almost corner this sector of the market. Whilst it may not be to everyone's taste, you have to admire the girls for their hard work on cold dark nights.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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