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Released: 2006
Director: Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive / American Xcess
Alternate Titles
  • Office Angels 2 Adult Channel XXX
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

The directors Freddie Morse and Bob Bennett have the knack of turning an idea into a whole series of films and with Office Sluts they are on to a winner. The film features some of the best British talent around and, where in lesser hands such a bevy of beauties may have been wasted, Freddie and Bob ensure each shares the spotlight in their scenes.

Avalon and Natalia are browsing the net when new office boy Sonny turns up for some photocopying. The girls are up for some fun. Plonking him down on the desk, Avalon opens her gray/blue blouse whilst Natalia accuses him of trying to see the girls' tits. Sonny is having whatever's going - as Avalon rubs her tits into his face, he starts to suck. Natalia jumps in to show how it should be done as she gropes at his cock. Lifting her boobs out of her black bra, Natalia finds out if Sonny has paid attention as he nibbles her nipples. Avalon runs her stocking clad legs against his dick. With the girls stripped to their stockings, Sonny's fingers enter Avalon's dripping cunt. She sucks on his shaft. Natalia sits playing with her pussy while Sonny jabs his dick into Avalon, making the desk rattle, then she turns to swallow his length. With him sitting on a chair, both girls get to ride his prick. Natalia falls to her hands and knees in front of him to be taken doggy. Finally, Avalon lies back for Sonny to finish off missionary in her pussy before covering Natalia's tits in spunk.

Majella is making a cuppa in the kitchen when Dougie enters. The two talk about the goings on at the office party. Dougie admits he can't really remember much. Rubbing the front of his pants, Majella begins to show him what happened. Releasing his cock, she takes his length deep down her throat. Then she wants to feel it in her pussy and heads for her desk. Her blouse and black skirt on the floor, Majella sits on the edge of the desk in her stockings and suspenders, wanking Dougie's dick as he fingers her fanny. Her swollen pussy lips quiver as Dougie tastes her juices. As she stands on her tippy toes, Dougie slams home his cock. Then the two sink onto the office chair where Majella rides cowgirl. A few strokes missionary are followed by Majella bouncing on Dougie's prick reverse, the chair beneath him flexing and springing as she hammers and grinds. The session ends with doggy action and Majella taking Dougie's jizz on her tits. She rubs it well in.

Suited Amber and Leah Jaye enter a swanky office where Mark Slone is already working. Amber starts to day dream. Removing her jacket she laps at Mark's pants; Leah joins in the dream helping Amber lap at his staff. The girls work their tongues up either side. Her white blouse and black bra off, Leah lets Amber caress her body as she swallows cock. The girls strip further and indulge in pussy licking. Amber clambers onto the desk to masturbate while Mark thrusts into Leah from behind. Mark moves between Amber's black booted legs and pumps her pussy. Leah jumps onto the desk for some of the same. Her boobs pressed down on the desk, Amber is shagged doggy. Leah wheels over a chair and, getting Mark seated, she crouches on his cock. His hands reach for her clit. Amber takes her turn riding, her suspenders pulled tight as she bounces up and down. Mark fires over Leah's back... day dream over.

Sabrina and Jon have been called in to see Lee the boss. He's not happy with their sales figures. Not wanting to loose her job, Sabrina will do anything for him. He pops out his cock and gets her to gag on it for starters. Jon needn't look so smug - he is ordered to lift Sabrina's skirt and start licking her arse. His tongue runs round her bum hole. Lee wants to see what Sabrina looks like sucking. She unbuckles Jon's pants and sets to on his dick as fingers are jammed into her wet pussy. After mounting Lee reverse, she climbs onto the table for some spit roasting. She slurps away at the boys' balls and lets them bang her pussy. Lee watches as her arse is stuffed with cock. She wants it slow and hard. Parting her pussy, Sabrina is ready for two cocks and the two bang away, changing position half way through. Jon wanks his load over Sabrina's face, Lee aims his jizz for her mouth. Her job is safe.

It's the end of the day. Poppy and Warren share a cigarette as they wait for Donna Marie to change. She appears in a short black dress and tight white top which clings to her body, showing her erect nipples. The girls make a grab for Warren's pants and start to lick, leaving a large damp patch on his boxers. Poppy slips out of her jacket and leans forward to suck. Her trousers pull tight into her bum cleavage. Then she moves her attention to Donna's pussy, smearing her specs with juice as she drags them over her snatch. Stripped, Poppy sits on Donna's face while Warren wriggles his way down to Donna's cunt and starts to eat. The girls go back to lapping cock, stuffing Warren's shaft and balls into their mouths. Balanced on the back of the chair, Poppy lowers herself onto Warren's face before making her way down to his dick. In her black stockings, Donna wanks until it's her turn on the dick. The two kneel ready to be fucked from behind. He does Poppy first. Then Donna grabs him and jerks his load onto her tits.

Office Sluts 1 was a decent film, but Office Sluts 2 is far better. The action is nicely paced and well shot, with each of the girls putting in fine performances - and the guys aren't bad either. If there are more in the series, let's hope they are in this vein. If you want to see eight top girls in action, Office Sluts 2 is a great place to start.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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