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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 133 mins.

Filming sex in cold dark car parks seems to be a strangely British phenomenon, with the king of the Dogging genre being Don Roobles. For his eighth outing with the camera, Don has persuaded six more girls to brave the elements in search of cock.

In her pink jumper, short black skirt and striped tights, Ava waits in Don's flat ready for the off. Finishing her glass of wine, Ava can't wait to get her hands on cock. Arriving at the car park in the dead of night, the turn out to greet Ava is poor. Only one regular, 'Ditch Boy', is waiting. A flash of her bum and Ava stoops to suck at Ditch Boy's dick. Freezing, she climbs back into the car to play with her tits. Ditch Boy slides his cock into the top of Ava's thighs and spunks over her bum. Wanting more, Ava turns to Don. Slipping her fingers into her pussy, she laps at his dick till he cums over her chin.

Pulling off the road, Don finds Ember in the back seat of a car with her face planted on a guys prick. Ember emerges to suck at Don's dick. Flashing her tits, Ember reaches out for cock. Don gets a glimpse of her pussy and arse. With her blonde hair flopping over her face, Ember's tongue flicks out at the man meat. A small plane circles overhead as she fills her mouth. Don follows Ember as she totters along the muddy path in her high heel boots towards the main road. Ember returns to the car to finish what she started, wanking the guy in the back till he cums.

On a wet and windy night, Don spots a car up a side street. He can make out Gina's head bobbing up and down next to the steering wheel. Getting closer, he can see the guy has reclined his seat and she is sucking his cock. With the guy groping her tits, Gina slips down her pants. Don runs round the car for a better look. Climbing out, Gina sits in the boot yanking at the guys dick. He moans and fires his jizz over her neck and tits.

Returning to his home town of Leeds, Don heads to an industrial estate where he hopes there's action. His luck is in. Kitty is giving a guy a blow job in the back of a car. From her accent, Don guesses she's not local. Kitty moved from the States a number of years ago. The guy in the car works his hand between Kitty's legs and eases a finger past her tight pink panties. Sitting up, she shows the boys her beautiful big boobs. Her knickers off, she sits on the guy's dick and rides him reverse. Dropping back onto the seat, Kitty fingers herself as the guy jerks his cream over her face.

Petite, dark haired Tati has swapped the beaches of Brazil for the back streets of Birmingham, as she goes out dogging with Don. Unzipping her coat, she shows her black see through top and pert bum to the camera. With no one in sight, Don gives Tati his own dick to suck. She's just getting started when two guys appear out of the gloom. Tati takes the two small pricks between her lips and does her best to breath life into the pair on a freezing cold night. The boys eventually stiffen up enough to shoot their loads over Tati's chin. With spunk dripping onto her tits, she heads towards the city lights.

In her black PVC cat suit, Tina is well known on the dogging circuits of the North West. Arriving at a lorry park, hoards of guys are there to meet Tina, but there's one thing she must do before starting... Unzipping the crotch of her PVC pants, Tina has a pee. With her tits hanging out, Tina rubs her shaven pussy as she sizes up the guys. The blokes mill round, grasping at Tina's body as she takes condom clad cock after condom clad cock into her mouth. Playing with the guys' balls, they cum over her tits. Making her way to a row of parked lorries, she climbs into a cab to lick dick. Groups of men stand on the bumpers and leer in through the windscreen. Heading back to the car, Tina makes a grab for Don, but he declines because of the crowd.

When you consider that almost all of the film is shot in the dark using hand held cameras, the quality of the pictures and sound is surprisingly good. As for the girls, they all appeared to be up for outdoor action, with only Gina appearing a little confused about what was going on. Tina and Ava, though cold, both appeared to relish the event. If you're a fan of nocturnal nooky then On A Dogging Mission VIII is one to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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