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Released: 2006
Director: Tony Goodfellow
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 99 mins.

Review copy courtesy of Rude Britannia

Five decent scenes of mature but highly sexy women pleasuring each other.

In the first, Donna and Chrissie strip to their black stockings and suspenders and pleasure each other with a purple Rabbit. Chrissie gets the lion's share of the Rabbit mainly because Donna gets the benefit of bouncing on Chrissie's strap on later in the scene.

While hubby Richard is havin' it away with housewives on one of Rude Britannia's other releases this month, Donna returns this time with Lindsay. Slipping out of her clothes, Donna removes the bathtowel that is hiding Lindsay's generous curves and sucks her tits. Gentle kissing and fondling on a bed then 69 before the Rabbit comes out and goes in Donna.

Louisa is another big woman, this time paired with Chrissie on a hotel bed. Naked from the outset, things start to warm up when Chrissie gets a black dildo-on-a-stick in her pussy. Louisa gets the same treatment in a scene that generates a fair bit of heat and leaves the women's bodies nicely glowing by the end of the scene.

Anne and Linda, dressed in some nice red and black lingerie, get straight down to business on the sofa. Plenty of writhing and moaning from both women as the Rabbit goes to work in their pussies. Professional performances from both ladies.

Longer cut but same girl-girl scene as in Housewives 'Avin It Away. Gina and Morgan undress in a gloomy lounge and pleasure each other on the black leather sofa. Blonde Gina naked and Morgan in black hold-ups.

Although there are occasional arousing moments these are more production line scenes filmed at the same time as b/g stuff and the solo and stills stuff. Still, somewhat unusual to have a whole girl-girl film of mature women all of whom have boy-girl scenes released. Worth a look if you like this sort of thing, but not that long at just under 100 minutes.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Following on from Only Girls Allowed, I had hoped the production would be a little better in number 2, but alas it was not to be. The film features five more mature girls (or women) most of whom show that they know what they are about when it comes to girl/girl action.

Scene one doesn't get off to a promising start. Shot from a very low angle, Chrissy and Donna strip to their black stockings. As they sit on the sofa, half the screen is occupied by the cushion!! Thankfully things get a little better when the action 'proper' starts, Donna climbing between Chrissy's legs to lick her pussy. The girls swing round to 69, tonguing and fingering each other. Chrissy smiles as Donna pops a purple rabbit deep into her pussy. Her body shakes with the toy. Donna has a turn gently rocking against the rabbit. A little more pussy licking from the pair and then Chrissy dons her strap-on. Lowering Donna onto her plastic prick, she thrusts into her pussy. Pulling her legs right back, Chrissy quivers as Donna munches on her moist snatch.

Donna appears in the second scene with curvaceous Linzie in a room which is a throw back to 70's bad taste. Donna slips off her red bra and leather skirt letting Linzie lick her tits. Linzie's towel falls away and the pair kiss and caress each other's breasts. It's obvious the scene was shot on two cameras as the brightness and colour balance keep changing depending on the angle. The girls lie back, Donna positioning herself over Linzie's face and sitting on it. The camera goes wandering around the room as the girls finger fuck, eventually refocusing on the girls as they kiss. Donna lies back on the bed to take her favourite toy in her fanny. She arches her back as it is worked in.

Chrissy is giving amply proportioned Louisa a good snog in her hotel bedroom. As the girls lie back a hand appears at the bottom of the screen and taps at Louisa's foot. A shadow falls over the pair when Chrissy goes down on Louisa. The picture wobbles and joggles as she licks almost as if the cameraman was on the bed with the pair. From under the pillow a dildo on a pole appears and Chrissy opens her legs to take the big black toy. She soon climaxes. Then it's Louisa's turn for the toy. Her masive boobs sag at either side of her as the black rod enters her pussy, a squirt of lube helping it on its way. The scene ends with the girls dripping in the heat.

Linda and Anne (Francesca) sit in their sexy lingerie, their hands exploring each other's bodies. Easing out Anne's tits, Linda licks as a rabbit is pushed into her pussy. As she slips out of her basque, Anne's knockers come down. Linda paws at her perched clit and tongues her. Anne makes her move, her tongue and fingers darting into Linda's wet hole. She picks up a vibrator to use on her, sliding it in as she turns onto all fours. The girls continue probing their pussies and arses. Several glances at the camera and the scene stops.

In a cramped untidy room, two well-proportioned girls, Gina and Morgan, remove each other's bras and fondle their boobs. Stripped to their stockings, the two move to the sofa where the cameraman gives some great shots of knees!!! Gina lounges back to have her pussy licked but the camera swings up to show the artex. After a long licking session the two swap places and end 69ing. A little use of a vibrator on Morgan and it's all over, thank goodness.

This is a very amateur-looking production, poorly lit, poorly filmed and, in a couple of scenes, no thought given to the location. Where did that wall paper come from in scene 2? Perhaps the only saving grace is the energy put in by four of the eight girls. Chrissy, Anne, Donna and Linda all deserve a proper outing with a crew who know what they are doing. Only Girls Allowed 2 is not really worth spending your money on.

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