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Released: 2007
Director: Bob Bennett and Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • Reverse Gang Bang 2009 Adult Channel XXX
Notes and Reviews

The more the merrier seems to be the producers' motto in this fine production from directors Jim Slip and Bob Bennett. Although, they're not really orgies as there's only one guy present in each scene who is expected to service up to four girls. It's a tough gig, but the studs are well chosen. And when they are otherwise engaged, the girls simply amuse themselves. If the number of bodies involved make any description of the action difficult, the well lit, clear photography means that the viewer misses none of it. And with nineteen top girls, a mixture of the experienced and the fresh, this is a film that will not disappoint.

Sexy Students
How to explain Ben Kelly in a room with four porn starlets dressed as stereotypical schoolgirls: white shirts, ties, short skirts and a mixture of socks and stockings? Why? Because they're going to a fancy dress party, of course. Although, no sooner are they all prettily arranged on the sofa than everyone gets a better idea - let's suck Ben's cock! Ben is undressed in stages as each girl takes her turn, before Poppy is the first to get impaled on cock. Harmony, Suzie then Alexus follow. Poppy leans against the fireplace to get fucked from behind while the other three pleasure themselves on the sofa. Next, their three pretty young bums are lined up on the sofa for Ben to fuck doggy style. Then they're flipped for a pussy pounding. Finally, Ben lines up all four on the floor to cum over their bums.

Getting Dirty with the Decorator
Rebecca Smythe, Victoria Brown, Starr and Angel are taking tea while decorator Jay R washes his roller in the sink. Before he leaves, the girls want to see the size of his willy. And to make sure it's big and hard, Rebecca puts on a show, removing Starr's panties and licking her pussy while Victoria clamps her jaws around Jay's member. Suitably hard, Jay needs somewhere to put himself. So while most of the girls remove bits of clothing, Angel gets down to her black hold-ups and bends over the sofa to get her pussy filled. Jay moves down the sofa, taking the girls in turn in missionary. Then all of them again in various positions on the sofa and on the floor. The scene ends with Jay dropping his load over Rebecca's tits alongside Starr and Victoria.

Gym Workout
While fucking four girls simultaneously may be every man's fantasy, it takes a strong chap to cope with Michelle and her three mates, Carolina, Viola and Paige. Fortunately, Michelle has found Jay R down at the gym. The girls strip to their trainers. While Michelle is the first to receive some cock, the others indulge each other. Four girls allow for some great set pieces as they line up in a row, bums in the air, to have their pussies lubed and fucked one after the other. A fantastic sight.

Three Chicks One Dick
In the kitchen, Danny Boy is mixing drinks for Tiffany Kingston, Louise Parker and Sahara Knite. Why everyone - including Danny - is in their underwear isn't made clear, but it certainly means it takes Sahara just seconds to extract Danny's bulging cock and take it in her mouth. Louise and Tiffanny join in, giving Danny a full-body grope before Louise, now stripped to her black hold-ups, bends over the table to take Danny's cock. Danny fucks all three girls on and across the table, then uses a chair so that they can sit on his cock forward and reverse. There follows more fucking on the table and floor before Danny shoots a stream of spunk across Louise's firm tits, which Tiffany and Sahara lick off.

Strap-On Sex and More!
Tony James is trying to persuade four girls to buy his dildos. Vienna Moore, Tiffanny and Kelly are on a bed in their underwear and stockings, while Isabel has been persuaded to model one of Tony's strap-ons. Kelly is keener on the real thing so she strips Tony, sucks his cock, then sits astride it. Meanwhile, Isabel puts the strap-on to good use, sinking the whole length into Tiffanny from behind. From this point the bed is covered in a writhing mass of five bodies as each girl takes a turn with Tony, while the others use the plastic. There are some bits of choreography as Vienna sits on Tony's cock alongside Isabel, who has Tiffanny's strap-on inside her. There are plenty more permutations before the girls lie side-by-side as Tony spreads his seed across four faces.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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