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Released: 1970s
Notes: loop, Diamant, 17 mins. Included on Diamant Video 882.
Notes and Reviews

A chap is wandering through a park, ogling at the ladies. A couple of nuns (XNK0665 and XNK0666) walk past, and a girl with big knockers (XNK0158) confuses him so much that he walks straight into a tree. He is knocked out and so-concussed that reality and imagination get a little confused for him (and the viewer). After initial concern for his health, the nuns and the girl get their clothes off and look after his todger. He later wakes up in hospital where he sees a nurse and a doctor having sex (she is XNK0157). Realising that he is imagining things he tries to knock himself out with a bottle, but it does not help. Another nurse (XNK0161) is now lusting after him, or perhaps not. Yet another girl interested in his private parts is (XNK0668).

Notes by beutelwolf

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