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Released: 2009
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 118 mins.

With cameraman Phil Barry in tow, Omar Williams sets off on his haphazard quest to find some large-breasted, or reasonably large-breasted, girls to shag. On his tour he meets up with Anna, Bree, Claire and Daniella, but his journey starts with Tia.

Arriving outside a sumptuous barn conversion, Phil tells Omar there's no way he can afford the million pound asking price. It's not the building Omar has come to view however, but the estate agent. Wearing a pin-striped suit, Tia opens the door and starts to show the two around. She fails to notice Omar has his prick out as he wanders round. Finally spotting the dick, she raises her dress to reveal no knickers above her fishnet stockings. Open to offers, Omar kneels to lick at Tia's pussy. She unbuttons her jacket and blouse. Her nipples peek from the top of her black bra. Omar fills her mouth with his meat, then runs his wet cock down her cleavage. Leaning over a large sofa, Tia is taken from behind. Omar picks her up and sits with her on his lap. She spins round on his shaft. Tia's tits brush against Omar's face as they fuck. With Tia's legs spread wide, Omar eases in missionary. She turns onto all fours to be shafted doggy style. Ready to cum, Omar coats Tia's boobs in cream.

Looking out of his office window, Omar spots Claire in the phone box opposite. He rushes over the road and starts to chat her up. Persuading her to come in for a 'survey', he grabs her large breasts on the way back to the office. Climbing the stairs, Claire stops to suck at Omar's shaft. She sits an a window sill and flashes her black knickers. Omar pushes his prick against her pussy. Stockings laddered and boobs swaying, Claire lowers herself onto Omar's cock. Moving into the office, Claire bites at her boobs as she's fingered. Tits swinging, she bends over a table to be shagged. Riding Omar, she almost suffocates him as she holds his head in her cleavage. Claire shuffles round to sit on his face and the pair 69. Back on his cock, Claire joggles and wobbles. Omar fires his load over her breasts.

Phil has been given the address of the sexiest blonde in Wales. Turning up with Omar, Phil's forgotten her name. Opening the door in black shorts and top, Bree also has difficulty in remembering who she is due to the sight of the bulge in Omar's pants. The boys will have to be quick as Bree's boyfriend is due back in an hour. Omar squeezes Bree's boobs together and plays with her pierced nipples. Peeling down her shorts, he moves down to her pussy. Lifting Bree to his shoulders, Omar licks and fingers her fanny. He slides her down his body onto his cock. Placing Bree on a red sofa, Omar continues to hammer past her panties into her pussy. She sits up and wraps her lips around his shaft. Knickers off, the pair shag doggy style. Omar lies back and Bree drops onto his dick. A little missionary work and the two fall to the floor to continue the session, spoons. Omar empties his balls over Bree's boobs and face.

Trying to find the house of a friend, Omar spots Anna in the garden. Telling Phil he has a plan, he darts in and asks to use the toilet. With hubby on his way to work, Anna's only too pleased to help. Part two of Omar's plan finds him on the sofa with Anna, admiring the tattoo on her ankle. Lifting her skirt, she shows him one on her hip. Then, top off, another one on her back. Impressed with Anna's boobs, Omar loosens her bra and starts to lick. Her skirt is next to hit the floor. Letting her caress his cock, Omar kneels to lap at her shaven snatch. Anna moans as she takes Omar's rod between her legs. It's the biggest thing she's ever had in her pussy. Lifting her up, Omar sits back with Anna on his cock. The pair shag on the sofa doggy, missionary, then spoons. The scene ends with Omar showering Anna's tits with spunk just as her husband returns.

Omar is out on the streets looking for a girl named Jane when Daniella (as Chantelle) jogs past. She shares a house with Jane and invites Omar and Phil in to wait. Noticing her big boobs under her top, Omar asks to see them. Daniella eases them out of her red bra and lets him lick her nipples. Omar wants to go further. Daniella doesn't object as he slips his hands into her knickers and starts to finger. He follows up with his tongue. Releasing his cock, Daniella's lips engulf the head. Her mouth is soon full of dick. Not wanting to miss the chance to ride the mammoth member, Daniella stuffs the length into her pussy and screws round to take Omar reverse. Dropping to all fours, Daniella is banged from behind. The pair fall on their sides and continue spoons. Upending Daniella, Omar pile drives his prick into her pussy and cums over her stomach.

Omar's Big Tit Virgins is full of the mischief you associate with Phil Barry when he goes on the road with the boys. And here he's perfectly matched with the cheeky impishness of Omar as he tries and succeeds at getting the girls. Okay, not all the girls have big boobs and only Anna of the five is what you might call a true 'virgin' of the screen, but the film is still an entertaining watch. Top marks to the boys.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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