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Released: 2010
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 177 mins.

Like opening a birthday or Christmas present, a new film from Tanya Hyde is something to look forward to. Those who get Original Sinners won't be disappointed. With a mixture of eroto-fetishism, carefully choreographed sex and seven stunning girls, director Hyde takes you through four hot and steamy sessions featuring the Brits Alexandra Cat, Elle Brook, Jasmine Webb and Kerry Louise, as well as European girls Alexa, Angelika Black and Donna Bell.

Beauty and the Beast
Ballerina Alexa stretches her slim body before running through her exercises on the bar, unaware that Jay is lurking round the corner watching. As she touches her toes, he gets a glimpse of Alexa's shaven snatch and arse under her tutu. He moves in for some private dancing with the supple girl.

Big Bottom Bitches
Masked and restrained by leather straps, George and Oliver sit back-to-back in two chairs, guarded by basque wearing, stocking clad, Elle and Kerry. Slowly the girls parade round the dimly lit dungeon. Stopping, they grab the boys' cocks and, with gloved hands, wank them. Throwing off her peaked cap, Kerry leans forward and sucks. She slips Oliver's shaft deep down her throat. George squirms in the chair as Elle teases his cheb with her tongue. Imprisoning the boys in cages, their heads stuck through the bars, Elle and Kerry crouch and press their pussies against the boys' faces. The guys probe and lap. Elle kneels and a tongue is run over her bum. Released from their ties, the two fasten Elle to a large wheel and give her a spin. She lashes out at their dicks as she goes round and round. Hoisting Kerry up by her feet, she dangles upside down. Mouth level with the boys' pricks, she swallows. Back on solid ground, Elle moistens Kerry's muff with her mouth and guides a dick into her, doggy. The pair pull at her pony tail as they hammer home hard. Elle gently rocks against George's cock. Grabbing her hips, he thrusts in deep. He shoots over her bum. Still stiff, he continues banging. Kerry holds Oliver between her thighs and slips down onto his shaft. She gyrates away, reverse, till he's ready to cum. Elle takes a second load over her bum.

Maid for Pleasure
Identically dressed in pale blue dresses and white aprons, Angelika and Donna look like blonde and brunette versions of Alice as she's about to step through the looking glass. These naughty maids are more interested in pleasuring their pussies and the butler's dick than doing house work.

Crack Addictz
Slowly cranking a handle, George winches Alexandra off the ground. Parting her legs, he erects a slender steel pole with a glass dildo at its head beneath her pussy and locks it in place. Oliver joins in, fondling and caressing Alexandra's body as she squirms and gyrates, impaled on the toy. On the other side of the room, Jasmine sits, her pink latex covered legs held open by stirrups. The boys probe her pussy and arse with their rubber gloved fingers. Juices drip onto the chair. The two select a stainless steel plug from a tray of tools. Licking her lips, Jasmine's arse pulsates as the toy is pushed in. A polished rod is pushed against her pussy. She takes the bulbous end deep inside. Out of the chair, Jasmine kneels and sucks cock. The plug is still wedged in her bum as she swallows. Turned upside down, Alexandra is suspended with her head at cock height. The guys move in and fuck her throat. Alexandra's blonde bunches sway as she swings. Jasmine uses the hoist to lower herself onto Oliver's staff. She twists round from reverse to cowgirl. Turning again, she eases Oliver up her arse, then drops to the floor for some anal doggy. Placed in a sling, Alexandra spins round to face George. Her pussy is filled with his prick. Rotating back, Oliver jams his length between her legs. Sucking on dick, Alexandra is fucked up the bum. Oliver empties his cum into her mouth. Banging Jasmine missionary, George pulls out and coats her pussy-to-throat with his cream.

Original Sinners has just about everything you could want in a film: great settings, great girls and sizzling hot action with a touch of kinkiness. A wonderful three hours worth.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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