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Notes: Angels XX35
Notes and Reviews

Two videos repackaged into one.

  • Manor House Orgy (possibly aka Cuntry Orgies) with some of the watersports (male on female) removed. Juliette Muir, Georgette Neal, Bob Scott and unidentified male.
  • The bloke who fronts the Peepshow Specials (Remington Steel) picks up Hayley Russell (in rugby shirt) and Lorraine Ansell outside a shop. They are reluctant and hostile at first but eventually agree to return to his flat where they find Fernando, sitting naked on the couch and wanking. Hayley is still hostile, but Lorraine is persuaded to have sex. Omar briefly joins in then the white bloke with the posh voice and his younger look-alike do join in in a more sustained way. Includes anal and DP and weak poorly aimed attempts at facials. Hayley is then discovered sitting with Omar and is persuaded to have sex with him. The two white blokes join in - reverse cowgirl DPP anal, and two facials. The Lorraine Ansell part of this scene is in Celebrity Shags and the Hayley Russell part is in Sexistenz.

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