< Peepshow Special 11

Released: 2000
Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Private
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Remington Steel

From NCV. Copied from French source, picture fuzzy. French subtitles.

  • Michelle (Barratt) is supposedly Chris News's sister and wants to be a pornstar. He auditions her there and then while they film it at first through a glass-panelled door. Facial
  • Astrid (not a Brit and not listed until other British work found) with Chris News, facial
  • Candy (this is Sonia/Sasha Lee - still not sure if these are different girls) - sex with Chris to facial
  • This series has got a bit stale and tame since the heights of number 4, but Layla~Jade reverses both the trend and the theme. It is she who does the seduction. She is discovered being demonstrated web cam equipment in a shop by Bob Scott as she want to send live pictures of herself in sexy poses to her boyfriend in Germany over the net. Chris News is hovering round pretending to get on with his work. Bob Scott goes to the office and Layla tries out some poses in front of the camera, including flashing her tits. She then offers to show even sexier poses to Chris News who half-heartedly has attempted to discourage her behaviour. This develops into a sex scene. Bob returns and tells them off (half-heartedly) but then suggests that he gets his video camera and makes her a tape she can send to her boyfriend. A b/b/g scene develops with a reverse cowgirl DP and messy facials, with Layla~Jade blowing cum bubbles

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