< Please 12: More Sexual Superstars DVD available

Released: 2001
Director: Joey Silvera
Alternate Titles
  • Let's Fuck Please: More Sexual Superstars 12 R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Suzie Haines, an innocent-looking blue-eyed blonde, is the star of this movie. In addition to appearing in the final scene, with Lea Shelby, she also shows up in short segments that link between the other sex scenes.

The shorts are - Suzie sucking on a dildo within sight of the 'Hollywood' sign on the hills outside L.A. Suzie rides a rocking horse outside. Joey Silvera ties up Suzie with Duct tape and gags her with her own panties (this scene is edited somewhat on the R18 version). Suzie strips and gives Joey a blowjob in the utility room, with all the camera-work being done by Joey 'first-person perspective'.

The last scene lasts for about 25 minutes. Joey is momentarily confused by her stage name when Lea introduces herself. Suzie give Lea a spanking while Lea snogs a stud. They both gang up on the stud, Lea giving him a blowjob whilst Suzie holds his mouth and nose so that he can't breathe. Suzie does a reverse cowgirl and has sex standing up. Lea does a long anal, with Suzie periodically pulling the dick from Lea's ass and sucking on it. The guy cums on Lea's butt and Suzy licks it up, ending the scene.

Suzie looks almost too shy to be a porn star, but this is a hot performance and a girl to look out for.

Review by Mr Anon

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