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Released: 2001
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: One-Eyed Jack, Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

One-Eyed Jack

  • Terry Stephens meets two Danish studs Alf and Tomas at the airport. Then they go to fetch Zara [3] from the station and he then fetches Sonia Lee on his own. Zara shows off her newly pierced nipples in the car. Back indoors they proceed to a foursome on the bed with very little delay. This becomes a fivesome as Terry and John Mason take it in turns to join in. Sonia takes the only facial. Very vigorous (and very stimulating) sex and a good time was had by all.
  • The team of studs is at the pub with Jacqui Ebony and Emma [11] and there is a bit of boob flashing before they go to a hotel room and get down to it in similar style to the first scene, only this time there is anal for both girls. Jacqui takes a facial.
  • The team go to Portsmouth to visit Beverley Cox who takes on all four of them plus Dean and takes a DP into the bargain.
  • This is the most daring scene as the four guys go to fetch Sarah (Ann McCormick) and she peels off her tight black leather trousers and takes on the two Danes in the back of the car while they are driving along - the car stops for traffic lights but they don't - this includes fucking as well as blowjobs. At the house she has changed into a sexy dress and takes them all on in the kitchen and then the living room, including a DP where she is on her back holding her legs and lower back in the air and one bloke is in her arse facing another bloke who is in her pussy.
  • Deb X is fetched from the station, flashes her boobs in the back of the car and then blows and fucks Terry while driving along. She takes them all on at the house including a similar DP to the previous scene and one facial.
  • Finally Terry sees the Danes off at the airport again, their work well done.
  • Trailer for Live and Dicking follows.

This is another excellent effort in the gonzo style.

The DVD is an excellent conversion and has the usual extras of trailers and film of the still photoshoots, plus Jacqui (Chelsea Sinclaire) taking a pee. However, the menu still sets my teeth on edge. The graphic designer needs to go back to school to learn when to use the apostrophe - and more importantly when NOT to use it. 'CHAPTER'S' is now corrected to 'CHAPTERS', but 'TRAILER'S' is still 'TRAILER'S' and 'EXTRA'S' is still 'EXTRA'S'. I think this sort of thing just gives more ammunition to those who are disposed to be contemptuous of porn and of those who make, sell and watch it.

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