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Released: 2000
Director: Mike Freeman
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Mike Freeman, 2001. Thanks for the review copy.

There are three scenes included in this video.

Spunk Showers

Mike Freeman stops a couple in a busy street in London. They turn out to be Czech and he asks if he can interview them about their sexual fantasies. The girl 'Michaela' (Elizabeth Pearly who appeared in volume 1, issue 4 of Two Blue Hardcore as Michelle with the same chap as here) says she has a fantasy of fucking her boyfriend (Tommy Checker) while surrounded by other men's cocks. The couple are seen groping each other on the tube while on their way with Mike Freeman to enact this fantasy. Then cut to a room where the couple are cuddling on an armchair. There is plenty of foreplay before proceeding to a blowjob and gradually the other men enter the room, cocks waving. The couple proceed to fuck and gradually the girl begins to suck the other cocks and the other men begin to grope and lick her. The boyfriend (I think) cums over her lower back. Cut briefly to the tube again where the groping is now more explicit. Then a different room and a different outfit, but the same fantasy re-enacted. She sits on a table while the boyfriend goes down on her and then fucks her while the naked men enter the room and join in. She uses a dildo while giving blowjobs and this time she is fucked by the other men, though we could do with some medium distance shots so that we can see this clearly without having to examine the amount of hair on male abdomens for comparison. There are various cumshots over her firm natural tits and her shoulder and the scene ends with a couple of very good facials while the credits are rolling.

The scene lasts 33 minutes.

Dirty Foursome

A mature crop-haired redhead (Tanya Hyde [2]) has sex with her partner, briefly but to facial and then tells him of her fantasy to have sex with another man. He says he'll arrange it. His friend arrives and she gives them both blowjobs. Then we see a blonde - Lucy Diamond, the partner of the second bloke - walking through a station concourse and then flashing her panties on the tube and her pussy in a taxi. She arrives at the hotel room and has lesbian sex while the two men watch. They then join in but only the redhead is actually fucked. The scene ends with the two girls in the bathroom together.

This is a longer scene than the first, but not so much to my taste. The blonde is vaguely familiar and good-looking and I would have liked to see more action from her.

Gang Bang Club

Five men hire two models - Beverley Cox and Jacqui Ebony - for a gang bang in a hotel room.

Bev is the first to arrive, gets paid in advance, partially strips and the lads begin to kiss and grope her. There is a slow build up here, with plenty of foreplay, which makes it more erotic. Jacqui is late but looks just as good as I thought she would. The scene proceeds from groping the girls to blowjobs and then fucking with a bit of lesbian action, ending in a facial for Jacqui. The combinations are too many to list, but this is a hot scene, though there is a bit of looping and the room is rather cramped, preventing more medium distance shots.

This is an excellent tape overall, though perhaps a bit over edited at times. Mike Freeman does not feel obliged to go through the routine sequence of sexual positions every time. He creates situations rather than going straight to the sex, but there is no silly plot. There is plenty of foreplay and build up. There is a bit of public sex too. All these things are far too rare in porn videos and justify his claim to be an erotic artist. Personally I wasn't too keen on the mature redhead, but all the other girls 'raised my enthusiasm' with no problem at all. I hope this video becomes as widely available as it deserves to be.

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