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Released: 2002
Director: David Christopher
Notes: Feline Films
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Running time: 87 mins.

Some things never change and that's true of the format of the Pussyman movies. In Shaving Starlets 2 David Christopher and his able assistants continue their search for the world's finest pussy, but this time he wants them bald. Among the six girls he finds are the British pair of Layla~Jade and Jessie J. Will Pussyman like what he sees?

Dressed in a red patterned top and tartan mini-skirt, Jessie J appears in scene 2. Kyle Stone thinks she is just what Pussyman needs for his new film. There's only one problem - pubic hair. Jessie agrees that Brian Surewood can video her wielding the razor and positions herself on a glass top table so the action can be filmed from below. The boys want to feel just how smooth Jessie is, using their tongues while she licks their meat. Having passed the tongue test it's time to fill the freshly-shaven pussy with dick and Jessie slides up and down on the boys' shafts. Jessie wants both her holes filled and the session ends with a DP before both guys spray her face with spunk.

Scene 3 sees Layla~Jade with Chelsea Blue in the large living room of Pussyman's house where he persuades the girls to denude their pussies of hair to appear in his film. Layla~Jade strips out of her leopard print bra and black leather skirt and crouches over a blue china bowl to lather up between her legs. Once finished she sits on the sofa fingering her bald pussy while Chelsea does the same. The freshly shaved duo indulge in a little nipple teasing before moving down to admire their razor work. Chelsea finds a couple of toys behind a cushion and uses a lilac beaded one on Layla and works a pink dildo between her own lips. Just what Pussyman ordered.

The plot and some of the dialogue in Pussyman's Shaven Starlets is a little corny and there is also the question as to why some of the girls (not Jessie J or Layla~Jade) were shaving themselves when they were already bald. Having said that the performances from all were good and the scenes well shot. The Pussyman formula works and providing there's pussy to find he will continue to make films.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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