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Released: 2004
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye / Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Pound a Punnet, or Pahnda Punnit, is set in the street markets of London. Director Anna Span interviews girls in pairs, all of whom oblige her by undressing and having sexual relations with each other.

Karina Clarke plays a fitness instructor returning to Soho, where she finds Karina Currie on her stall in Berwick Street Market. Karina Clarke's flat is just above the market so when Karina Currie starts hurling oranges at the window she is invited in for a fitness session. The action starts when Karina Currie experiments with some love balls in her pussy, then both girls undress amidst much giggling. Plenty of kissing, licking and fingering follows with both girls using a vibrator on themselves and each other. Once orgasms have been achieved the girls dress and go back to work.

Karen Wood is packing her clothes stall in the Cut market, Southwark when Rebekah Jordan comes along. Karen has got something for Rebekah back at her flat, which turns out to be frilly knickers and a boob tube, which she tries on. Karen shows off her thermal underwear and soon both girls are down to their undies while the spontaneous chatter continues. Kissing and licking starts then Karen brings Rebekah off with a purple dildo and Rebekah returns the favour. The scene ends with the girls getting dressed and heading for the pub.

Faye Dixie has a record stall in Deptford Market, her friend Clare Olsen is looking through the CDs. They agree to meet at Faye's flat later for dinner. At the flat the wine is uncorked and the girls play a little pool and drink some more wine then start to undress each other. Faye is naked first and gets her pussy licked by Clare followed by a dildo. The positions are reversed when Clare removes her jeans and is first licked then dildoed on the pool table.

Vicky Valentine is choosing some flowers off Taylor Morgan's stall in London's famous Columbia Road flower market. Vicky needs some flowers for her forthcoming wedding, so Taylor invites her round to her flat to look at some brochures. While they plan Vicky's wedding, Taylor mentions that she is a Lesbian. Vicky has never been with a woman and fears she may be missing out, cue lesbian sex. Vicky reclines naked in a black armchair while Taylor works on her pussy first with her tongue and fingers then with a big pink dildo. This is the most sexually charged scene, with the giggly chat of previous scenes replaced with heavy breathing and dirty talk. After bringing Vicky off, Taylor kneels on the coffee table and gets the same treatment herself.

Amber, long blonde hair, short, curvy with large firm tits, is looking for Jo May at Holloway Road market who has got a new job on a fish stall. It's lunchtime so Jo takes Amber back to her flat for a bit of sunbathing on her roof terrace. While in the bedroom looking for a bikini for Amber the girls decide to stay indoors and compare boobs and legs. This moves on to licking and fingering and then dildos, first for Jo who gets a large black job (like balls on a stick) up her, then she gives Amber a good seeing too as she sticks her bum in the air.

Some very pretty girls showing off their bits in a very cheerful way. Anna Span's natural documentary style allows the girls to perform spontaneously and all, with the exception of lesbian Taylor, appear to be healthy heterosexual girls enjoying a laugh with their mates. This style may not appeal to viewers who prefer their sex quicker and harder, but there's enough rug munching and dildo action to satisfy most. Only in Vicky and Taylor's scene is there any real sexual atmosphere, the rest are just too much fun. A film that can be watched comfortably by either sex or even together.

Review by Bayleaf

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