< A Proper British Orgy

Notes and Reviews

Credits - Chloe (Marie-Ann Young), Stephanie Duvalle (unknown nationality), Nikki (American), Samantha (British)

Dick Nasty is reminiscing about his latest trip to Britain while being massaged by Nikki.

  • The first scene features girls uncredited who have been in other Dick Nasty videos, but this is a new scene. It begins with Molly (called Ashley here) having her pussy trimmed and partly shaved in a bathroom. She then enters a bedroom where Juliette Muir, Danielle Kelson, Dick and Omar are waiting and a complicated sex scene ensues with a facial from Dick for Juliette and a double facial for Molly from Omar and Bob
  • Marie-Ann (he asks her name, she says Marie-Ann, he asks her stage name, she says Chloe, says she is a pole dancer) m/f with Dick Nasty, cums over tits
  • Brunette Samantha [5] (who bears a facial resemblance to Alexis and has a tattoo in the same place above left groin, but much smaller breasts, and also a facial resemblance to FC Jane) is supposedly picked up in the street at night and persuaded to make a video - sex scene with two men
  • Blonde Stephanie Duvalle - badly lit and with no dialogue
  • Samantha [5] and Chloe (Marie-Ann Young) joined by Dick Nasty
  • Nikki and Dick Nasty

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