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Released: 2002
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Starring: Wendy Taylor, Faye Rampton and Laura Hermenson; Mark Sloane and Peter Webb

A porn film that isn't gonzo is a rare thing these days so I was looking forward to seeing this. The plot revolves around a couple trying to spice up their sex lives.

Scene 1: Peter arranges for Mark to come round and have it off with the lovely Wendy. Mark, being a man of taste, doesn't need to be asked twice and is round there like a shot. They then proceed to go at it all over the house in what can only be described as a good old fashioned one-on-one shagfest of olympic athleticism, culminating in Wendy getting a very messy facial and enjoying every bit of it.

Scene 2: Wendy very kindly returns the favour and arranges for Faye and Laura (who's work I've never seen before) to surprise Peter. The girls can't wait for him to arrive and indulge in a little foreplay until he shows up. When he does, the girls proceed to give him a good seeing to that he won't forget in a hurry. The scene ends with him shooting his load all over their tits.

The film runs at nearly 90 mins and contains only 2 scenes which makes each scene a little too long for me (no stamina!). I did enjoy it though as the girls looked fantastic, with Faye and Wendy sporting stockings and suspenders, and the action was well shot. I also liked them trying to introduce a bit of scene setting and hopefully this is a trend that will continue.

A good effort from WWPW Productions, lets hope they can keep it up in the future.

Review by Onan the Librarian

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