< The Paris Tapes Vol. 1

Alternate Titles
  • Weekend in Paris
Notes and Reviews

The theme of this video is Donna Collins wandering round Paris with a video camera, meeting people (put-up jobs) and enticing them into sexual antics as well as chatting up and flashing to ordinary people.

She meets Luna Winter and Carolyn Hudson on the steps of a church. Hi jinks in street, car and solo and lesbian stuff in a hotel room follow.

She then meets Donna F, there is a bit of flashing at some workmen in the street, then lesbian sex using a strap-on with a girl in an office.

Everyone meets up in the hotel bar where Steve Thorpe is playing the drunk. They drag him up to their room where the two Donnas and Luna cavort about on the bed in lesbian action while Carolyn gives Steve a blow job and then fucks him to facial.

More action follows too complicated to list, e.g. at night outdoors near the Eiffel tower and on the helipad on the hotel roof where Carolyn gets fucked again by Steve.

This is quite a sexy movie and I wish I had a better copy.

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