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Released: 2004
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish / Tongue in Cheek
Notes and Reviews

Everyone seems to want to get into the pop business and some particularly sleazy producers are searching for talent. This is the story of how Alicia, Sarah and Vanda make it as the girl group A2M.

Mark Stephens is auditioning Sarah Nice and Jessica Love and demands to be impressed. Although the girls' dance moves are sexy enough they don't seem to be getting through so they drag Mark onto the rostrum and attempt to fuck him senseless. Sarah in black top and trousers and Jessica in red dress set about Mark's large cock together, but it's Sarah who's serviced first doggy-style then onto Jessica missionary and back to Sarah. Mark is a big strong lad with some acting talent who goes on to fuck Sarah's arse while she kisses Jessica and sticks her fingers in her pussy. Jessica sucks Mark's cock between anal insertions before he massively comes over Sarah's belly, tits and face.

Vanda is anxious to impress a second producer, Ian Tate, when she finds him on the studio sofa. After some extensive cock-sucking, she allows him to penetrate her on the sofa in missionary, doggy, cowgirl and spoon positions. Whilst together in spoons, Ian slips his cock up Vanda's arse and the fucking continues in some athletic positions. Vanda seals the job as she sucks Ian's cock between anal insertions. The scene ends with Ian spraying copiously over Vanda's gaping arse.

Sarah's passed the audition too and now needs some publicity stills from photographer Jay Scarman and assistant Neil. The posing, in the brightly lit studio, takes a raunchy turn and before long Sarah is virtually naked and sucking both guys' cocks. Jay has first turn at fucking Sarah from behind followed by Neil, then the action turns anal concluding with a cowgirl dp on the studio floor followed by both guys covering Sarah's superb tits in spunk.

At last the day of the recording with Alicia, Sarah and Vanda in the studio. The three girls join studio engineer Brett Tracey for the playback. Fortunately for Brett the girls now seem to be permanently on heat and undress him before allowing him to fuck each in turn across the mixing desk. Alicia has brought along her blue dildo to keep the girls happy while not getting Brett's cock inside them. Fine performance from Brett who lines the three girls up over the console, fucking them in turn before the cock and dildo action turns anal. Brett fucks both Sarah and Alicia up the arse before delivering a massive three-way facial. Amazing stuff.

Before the final scene we see the girl's first video, as the girls in the studio are artily intercut with the action from the first four scenes,

In the final scene, Alicia is interviewed in a TV studio by Robyn (Ebony [2]) about her new band, A2M. This starts as quite a wordy scene, but the talking stops when the sexual action starts and Alicia soon has a dildo up Robyn's pussy. The girls put on a good girl/girl show with kissing, licking and dildo sharing. An unusual scene with interracial lesbian action which includes Alicia taking a double-ender up the bum while Robyn wraps her pussy around the other end.

Another Relish production, some plot and an excuse to film a lot in studios with excellent lighting. The result is a fine film with some outstanding performances from all the girls and particularly from Mark Stephens, a new guy to me. Well worth a place in anyone's collection.

Review by Bayleaf

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