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Released: 2004
Director: Alfred Hugecock
Notes: Demon Eyes Productions
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Running time: 136 mins.

Demon Eyes only made 3 films during 2004 and of the trio, Pole Position is probably the best. With a mixture of Gonzo, Point-of-View styles and reasonable production, the film doesn't set the world on fire, but it's honest enough and stars some cracking girls.

Opening the double doors, Lorna makes her entrance dressed in a tight white top and denim skirt. Flashing her tits and pussy at the camera, she settles herself down and starts to play. Licking her fingers, Lorna parts her shaven snatch. Mark the cameraman leans forward to caress her clit and probe his fingers deep into her pussy. Lorna smiles as she's handed a bright pink vibrator. She slips it in between her legs. Mark watches as she grabs at her tits and tastes the toy. Lorna then makes a dive at his pants, yanking them down. His cock enters her mouth. Her tongue works its way to his balls. Her top off, Lorna's head bobs back and forth on the shaft as she eases the toy back into her moist minge. Mark moves to replace the plastic with his prick. Lorna holds his hips as he hammers away. Lifting Lorna up, Mark spins her around and rests her on his dick. Her bum bangs against his balls. She drops down on all fours to be taken doggy. The two roll over, ending in reverse cowgirl action. Finally, Mark wanks his load into Lorna's mouth. She smears it over her chin.

Avalon is next. She quickly strips out of her shiny black and red lingerie to stuff her fingers in her pussy. Leon stands before her. She rubs his jeans and falls to the floor, taking his pants with her. Her hand tightly grasped round the base of his cock, Avalon slides it down her throat and sucks. Moving to the bed, Avalon opens her fishnet clad legs and rams a vibrator hard into her pussy. Turning over, the bed rattles as Leon thrusts in. Her boobs swing and sway. Rolling back, she tries the toy again but discards it for the real thing. Taking control, Avalon pulls open her pussy and plonks it on Leon's prick. Her long dark hair falls over her face as she twists round to face him. Grabbing Leon's cock, Avalon jerks him off in her mouth. She uses the tip to spread the spunk around her lips.

A very pale Kimberley (as Skye) stands in her summer dress, squeezing her boobs together. Pulling down the shoulder straps, the pair pop out. Licking her fingers, she presses them against her big lace knickers. Easing her hand inside, they fall down. Kimberley moves towards Leon, running her tongue over the tip of his dick then sinking it between her lips. She gazes up with her freckle covered face. Gathering her dress around her waist, Kimberley sits on Leon's wet cock, her fingers pulling at her shaven snatch. Climbing off, she pops a vibrator into her pussy and starts to masturbate. She soon gives up to be fucked missionary. The two twist and turn on the bed and eventually end up shagging doggy. Covering Leon's cock in lube, Kimberley jerks away at the shaft till her mouth is filled with jizz.

Aimee sits on a blue leather sofa, her stocking covered legs crossed. Pulling off her black top she reveals a turquoise bra. Bending forward, she shows that her knickers match. With her boobs peeking out, Aimee slips down her knickers to tug at her clit. Cameraman Jerry slides a finger or two into her pussy. She's soaking wet. Teasing her nipples, she lets Jerry bite them. She starts to pull on his dick. Aimee licks along the shaft then places the tip in her mouth. She sandwiches the cock between her boobs for a tit wank. Lying Aimee back, Jerry enters her pussy. She wants to taste her juices and gives him a very long blow job. Down on the floor, Aimee is taken from behind. Before long Jerry can't hold back and she takes his cream over her boobs.

Entering the room for the last scene, Angel Long stands in a black top and pin striped mini skirt. She heads straight for the bed and starts to strip. Mark caresses her tits and thighs as Angel finger fucks herself. Angel steps out of her skirt and Mark slips his fingers in along side Angel's. She turns and tugs at the bulge in his pants. Cock out, Angel prods her tonsils with it and laps at Mark's nuts. She lounges back, letting him between her legs. His tongue works on her pussy and clit. Holding her lips open, Mark plunges his prick in deep. Angel muffles her moans with her hand. A lick at the dick and it's down for doggy. He pounds away at her cunt. More oral follows. Angel mounts Mark's manhood cowgirl, then reverse. Clasping his cock, Angel wanks. Her hand becoming a blur on the shaft, Mark cums over her fingers. She puts them into her mouth.

It's a pity Demon Eyes haven't done any more work as this film showed promise. OK, there are still a few minor niggles, like spots on the camera lens, but they are minor. For a majority of the time the film is well lit and well shot, even in the Point-of-View sections. The girls all put on a good show and there is a fine performance from Aimee in one of her all too few appearances. Pole Position is a nice little film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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