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Released: 2004
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Poppy looks very business-like sitting on a sofa in a black suit and stockings as she prepares for her interviews. Although her skirt is so short it doesn't reach her stocking tops even when standing!

First to audition is Jennifer who has come casual, in a denim skirt and pink top. The girls undress each other, kissing and stroking, until the dildos come out for some very noisy mutual dildo action and pussy licking.

Poppy, this time provocatively dressed in red, interviews a guy: BJ. She introduces Amazon, a tall redhead, and leaves the pair together on the sofa. Before Amazon can get her white top or denim skirt off, Poppy returns to lick her pussy. After some fairly brief foreplay, BJ fucks Amazon face to face and spoons while Poppy aids penetration with her fingers. Not to be denied, the new pair turn their attentions to Poppy and she is fucked in an armchair. Back on the sofa Poppy takes BJ reverse cowgirl then lifts herself off BJ's cock to permit Amazon to straddle it, taking a full length up her arse. BJ continues to fuck Amazon on the sofa and floor before depositing a load over the girls' faces which they swap.

The next scene lasts 10 minutes and consists of BJ fucking Amazon on a bed for the benefit of John Mason's stills. Naturally there is no climax from BJ.

In the next sequence of scenes Tiffany and Poppy are together on a bed (is that gum you're chewing Tiffany?). Poppy's yellow sun-dress and Tiffany's black negligee don't stay on long and, as neither girl wears pants, there is quick mouth-to-pussy contact. A naked Pascal joins the girls and he turns his attention to fucking Tiffany; Poppy is never far away and she encourages Tiffany to describe the action, loudly. The sex is fast and furious and ends with a facial from Pascal's surprisingly soft member.

The next scene in this sequence is supposed to be a solo for Tiffany, stills by John Mason and filmed by Poppy's husband Daren. But Poppy and John keep getting in the way as Tiffany manages to get a dildo up her pussy. Then cut and both girls are dressed again for girl-girl stills. John offers a couple of dildos from his carrier-bag and the now naked girls use them on each other. John gets involved from time to time. Pascal returns to the photo shoot and fucks Tiffany again in double quick time, five positions in as many minutes.

In the final sequence it's Poppy, who wears the denim skirt, and Tammy. After a little licking and stroking Poppy gives Tammy a good hammering with a double-digit dildo. Tammy returns the favour with a more conventional pink number before Tammy gets more from the double and both girls go at each other in 69. The end.

On the positive side Poppy shows off some relatively new talent in a DVD that runs well over two hours. Against that there are only three girls plus Poppy, with several scenes that should properly be tucked away as extras or bonus footage. Both Tiffany and Amazon perform well, but the gg scenes are run of the mill. Unless you're desperate for new stuff I'd wait for later releases.

Review by Bayleaf

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