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Released: 2004
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Poppy Morgan Productions / Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

In the first scene Poppy recruits her cleaner (played by Lynx but referred to as Lyndsey) as a model. Lynx is doing the washing up in the kitchen when Poppy reveals she's a pornstar and would Lynx like to do it? "Yeah, alright" says Lynx and they do, there and then on the kitchen floor and on the work surfaces and with dildos all naked.

After 25 minutes jolly John Mason arrives and there's five minutes of messing around with a half-dressed Poppy as she runs around giving an inadvertent tour of her and Daren's house. Lynx undresses again and poses nude on the kitchen units, then the girls start all over again (although they start in miniskirts this time) for another 15 minutes amongst the pots and pans.

In the third sequence Suzie Best (as Rachel) is with Poppy on her spare bed. Suzie claims not to have had sex with a woman so Poppy shows her how. This is a more sensuous scene with the girls concentrating on kissing and stroking. All this comes to an end after 10 minutes when Tony James enters the mix and he's soon fucking Suzie doggystyle. Then Tony and cameraman John Mason swap places and John fucks Suzie which leads to everybody having a go with Suzie and the camera as the scene ends with Suzie getting a DP from Tony and John.

The previous scene is re-run for stills with some variation of costumes. The general-purpose introductions along the lines of "Today I'm in Hull with ..." allowing the scenes to be stripped into a variety of programmes are not edited out and add to the untidiness of the whole film.

In the final scene Tia (blue dress, silver boots) and Rose Wood (red top and skirt) are on a bed and ready to have sex with Poppy (little black dress and thigh-boots). The early part of the scene is just Rose and Tia getting undressed, then Poppy joins them for a three-way. Brightly coloured dildos are used and things get quite arousing when Rose and Tia share a double-ender. Poppy rejoins the action for a pile-of-pussies on the bed, each one with a dildo inserted.

After just over 2 hours and 37.5 minutes, the sixth and final scene lasts just 90 seconds as we get brief glimpses of Tia and Rose.

The final scene is typical of the problems the whole film has, Poppy can't make up her mind what sort of film she's making and ends up throwing everything she has of Lynx and Suzie in. It's billed as auditions but it's more than that, with Suzie and Lynx having several scenes. It's a mixture of purely video and filmed stills scenes with a bit of anarchy thrown in: a sort of behind-the-scenes at the Morgan porn factory. Only Suzie does bg although the Rose/Tia scene is quite arousing.

Everyone concerned has better stuff elsewhere. This kind of production could form the basis of a Poppy Morgan gonzo series like Marino's Road trips. Now that would be worth watching.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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