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Released: 2008
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye (originally a Television X series)
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Running time: 103 mins.

Five girl-girl scenes from 2005 originally shown on Television X now get a DVD release. While some of the performers have left the business, the scenes are still fresh and bright. Viewers who like their lesbian sex on the hard side will be disappointed, but this is a film that your gay friends will enjoy and it could give your girlfriend ideas, which may or may not be a good thing.

Anna Span's productions always strive for a little more, with each scene given time to develop with quite a lot of dialogue to set the scene before she skilfully manages the transition from enjoying a cup of tea to frantic ramming with soft bendy plastic. If any of the girls here aren't fully paid up lesbians it doesn't show, as Anna gets very natural and sensuous performances from them all.

Strut the Slut
Hard up Katie Austin has a job interview and is getting dressed in front of room-mate Karen Wood. Karen reckons Katie should ditch the office work and become a lap dancer, so she gives her some instruction. Katie slips on some pink frillies while Karen instructs from the bed (while fingering herself). Karen actually strips faster than Katie, first masturbating with a small clear dildo, then strapping on a dildo and ramming Katie's pussy doggystyle. The noisy action continues on the bed until Katie cums. Both girls, still naked, retire outside to the balcony for post-coital fags.

Pay the Slut
Flatmates Janca (EGAFD) and Lucy are looking at an erotic guide to London and Janca explains to Lucy the situation in Amsterdam. Janca reckons she'll turn a trick for Lucy for just £10 so she tarts herself up (literally) and hangs about off Portobello Road for Lucy to pick her up. Back at the flat, Lucy strips naked so that Janca can first lick her all over, with special attention to her pussy, then fuck her with a dildo. Lucy returns the favour.

Showreel Slut
Alicia Rhodes and Lexi Martinez are testing out their camcorder in their docklands flat. Lexi strips and poses on a big blue sofa while Alicia films, then Alicia undresses and both girls get stuck in to each other. Plenty of kissing, licking and dildo action, with the girls picking up the camera for some intercut p.o.v. along the way. The scene ends with both girls fucking themselves to dildo orgasm side by side.

Suburban Slut
Sarah Nice (EGAFD) calls at her friend Jessica Love's flat and, over a cuppa, Sarah confesses that her marriage is going wrong. Jessica recommends sexy underwear and, dismissing the pink frillies Sarah has bought, demonstrates a flaming red dress and killer heels. Jessica provides Sarah with black stockings, red velvet lingerie and advice on how to use her body. Jessica then demonstrates how to lick pussy and use a dildo (lessons for Sarah's husband surely?) before Sarah uses her newly acquired skills on Jessica.

Shoot the Slut
More videocam fun from students Avalon and Elizabeth. Avalon's black lycra dress is too short to cover her pussy, too tight to cover her tits and is slashed down both sides. Elizabeth films Avalon as she writhes on the bed, then she hands the camera over so that she can be filmed stripping. Soon both girls are naked, except for shoes, and they film themselves using a double-ender face to face and doggy, finishing with some self-abuse with vibrators.

The production is technically accomplished. All the girls look very natural but still very sexy and are nicely cast. Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence carries off prim white shirt and grey skirt while filming Avalon, in black lycra, flashing her animal sexuality. Achingly pretty Sarah gets lovemaking advice from bustling sexpot Jessica, although I can't be the only one to raise an eyebrow at two Polish young women chatting in English over a cuppa. Janca's role-play hard tattooed streetwalker to Lucy's slim, soft and smooth punter. Busty black and white Lexi and Alicia trying out their pornstar moves on the sofa and gobby Karen encouraging sweet Katie into the business. All very nice, very nice indeed.

Review by Bayleaf
December 2008

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Released in an R18 version in 2008, Anna Span's Play the Slut was originally shot some four years earlier for Television X. The film follows Anna's normal format of five self-contained scenes and closing title sequence.

Strut the Slut
Karen Wood's flatmate Katie is preparing for an interview for a job she doesn't really want. Seeing Katie's slim sexy body, Karen thinks she'd make a great dancer. After dressing Katie in fluorescent frilly panties and pink bra, Karen starts to teach her the ropes. Her hand down her tight black shorts, Karen plays with herself as Katie gyrates and strips. Moistening a glass dildo, Karen plunges it into her pussy. Katie leans forward and the two girls' lips meet. Buckling up her strap-on, Karen caresses Katie's bum through her fishnet tights, then rips them open to fuck her. Katie buries her face in the pillow as Karen hammers in hard. Shagging finished, the two head out for a smoke.

Pay the Slut
With Lucy working in the kitchen and Janca relaxing on the sofa reading a contact mag, 'Things are so different on the continent' Janca muses. Lucy asks if she's up for some role playing. Janca agrees. Out on the streets in her tight red top, short skirt and laddered stockings, Janca stops Lucy. It's a tenner to go back to her flat. The two head off. Undressed, Lucy lies on a leopard print bedspread ready to be massaged. Astride Lucy, Janca drags her long nails over her flesh. The novel technique continues with Janca using her tongue on Lucy's tits. The cat runs out the room as Janca laps and fingers Lucy's pussy. Rolling her over, a blue vibe is pushed between her legs. Lucy wants some licking action and yanks down Janca's panties to get at her pussy. Parting her legs, she uses a purple toy to tease her clit. The two kiss. It's the best ten pounds Lucy has ever spent.

Showreel Slut
Trying out a new camera, Lexi films Alicia as she stands on the balcony. The girls are going to make a movie to show off their talents. Indoors, the girls change into their sexy gear and film each other as they dance. Stretching out on the sofa, Lexi wants to show a little more. She fondles and plays with her body. Now it's Alicia's turn in front of the camera. She runs her hands over her body and peels off her see-through black negligee. The girls kiss, saliva dripping onto their boobs as they press together. Twisting round, the pair 69. Camera in hand, the girls do some close-ups of dildos in action. Stuffing a double-ender into Alicia's pussy, Lexi traps the other end in her cleavage. The two sit side-by-side masturbating for the camera, turning it off after they orgasm.

Suburban Slut
Jessica's ginger cat rushes along the hall as she opens the door to let in Sara Nice. With a nice cup of tea, the two settle down for a chat. Things aren't going too well for Sara. The pizzazz has gone out of her relationship with her boyfriend. Sara shows what she's just bought to spice things up. It's a little tacky. Disappearing, Jessica has an idea. She comes back in a short red dress and red high heels. Giving Sara some crimson and black lingerie and stockings, she tells her to try it on. Jessica shows how to tease and strip slowly, caressing and rubbing her naked flesh. Sara follows her instructions, peeling off her bra and panties. Sitting opposite each other, the two play with their pussies. Jessica crawls towards Sara and starts to lick. Nice and moist, Jessica plugs a red vibrator into Sara's pussy and works her to orgasm. The girls swap places for Sara to put into practice what she's just learnt.

Shoot the Slut
Like Lexi, Elizabeth Lawrence is another girl with a video camera in her hand. Here she's shooting Avalon in her black strap-sided dress. Leaning forward, Avalon eases her boobs from the dress then spreads her legs to show she has no knickers on. Elizabeth films as Avalon runs her fingers over her semi-shaven pussy. Admiring her arse in a mirror, Avalon strips to her black peep-toe stilettos and invites Elizabeth onto the bed. Picking up the camera, she shoots as Elizabeth removes her white blouse and grey skirt. Lying back on the bed, she fingers herself. Picking up a curved purple toy, Avalon pops one end in her pussy and fucks Elizabeth missionary with her new plastic prick. Elizabeth turns to be taken doggy. Propping up the camera, the two share a turquoise double-ender. Moving along its length, they grind together. Their legs interlocked, the pair play with vibrators. The camera switches off after they climax.

Though the style of the film, with individual vignettes, may look a little dated, there is no question about the content. As in her other films, Anna Span goes for the long sensual burn, with each scene slowly building to its climax, thus heightening the eroticism. Play the Slut is a great film to relax with and is well worth a watch.

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